September 18, 2009

Maria Ozawa is going to be at Rockza in Tokyo on September 20th, 2009. Sorry for the late notice

Anyone going?

I’m trying to get tickets and plan flights/hotel right now, fuck fuck I wish I knew sooner!!!!

The show with Maria at Rockza has the schedule HERE and her actual Maria Ozawa Rockza profile is HERE (ALL Japanese language, I guess it’s not very foreigner-friendly)


I heard it’s in Tokyo, but also there is something going on with Rockza in Macau again, at that Hotel Grand Lisboa Casino, I cant figure out which is which yet, here’s the link to the Macau Rockza show -> here

April 30, 2009

Visit Japan Sex Network and Idols 69 to see many more Maria Ozawa videos and pictures


This is from an article in japanese language at so I tried to translate it using Babelfish, I hope it makes sense to you?

The Japanese adult video (AV) the actress, Mary Osawa visited Taiwan, on April 13th, the violence suspense movie ‘decease group opposite which performs’ (柯 孟 molten supervision) attended premiere screening meeting.

In event ardent fan of locale large gathering. It binds the body of the self with the chain, “would like to lift up by your” that the man who is appealed it was.

Osawa announces the beautiful body with this work, the young actor, the Hari 睿 Family ([buraian] [chiyan]) with enthusiastically performing the extreme love scene. The same work on April 17th is released in Taiwan. (Compilation charge: Favor rice field Yuki)

The real link is HERE

More japanese girls and LOTS more MO vids and pics at Japan Sex Network and Japan Idols 69

February 22, 2009

Maria is so awesome, so cute and great personality, you can see it how she types her messages to her fans:

Sorry to be so slow to update
It’s now the time to chat with friends when I
I sleep better, and separation from the weary eyes,
Best free people
Long live the free people
I love friends

IMASURU today to wind up a picture of my sister and I made funny for real…Mao




“I know you’re?
And until the moment arrived to move from the stage
exhausted before preparing the first exercise
The performance of this 10 minutes beforehand so I had to see the suspense!

NE MOARI once in a while I enjoy this Young Oh
What a great

Tomorrow’s Event – gee!! IRENAKYA jump-start!!!
Well everyone is looking forward, I cant wait to see you guys at the event!!!


Love you guyz

This has been taken from her personal livedoor blog at

January 13, 2009

I’m here in Tokyo, Japan and just found a few super hardcore Maria Ozawa dvds, her VERY newest ones, I’ll post some pictures soon, I’m busy with meetings and photo sessions for now, but I just wanted to reassure you all that my mind is in the gutter hehehe if ya know what I mean 🙂


Here are a few pictures while I was walking around the Kabukicho entertainment district in Tokyo


Do the owners of those other shitty Japanese sites go to Tokyo to get the best information and content for you guys? FUCK NO! They dont give a shit, but here at Maria has this nigga working his ass off flying to the opposite side of the world to get you guys some original stuff to see 😉

The real dvd box cover for “Dream Woman DX Special – Maria Ozawa, Ryo Takamiya and Natsumi Horiguchi

January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday you sweet ass fine contribution to this planet Earth! You are the greatest thing to look at, there are things like The Grand Canyons, Mt Everest, the Taj Mahal, and then there is beauty like MARIA OZAWA!

From the #1 Maria Ozawa fan page on the internet, we all wish you a happy and prosperous birthday and New Years!!!

Here are some recent pictures of sexy Maria Ozawa being cute drinking Moet in the nightclubs, eating with friends, showing off her new pierced lip, singing in the studio, and many more……….


Happy birthday our japanese sweetheart Maria Ozawa. 🙂
Be sure to see Maria uncensored at Japan Sex Network

November 7, 2008

Wow, how cute is that? Maria Ozawa thanking her fans for loving her, being a fan of her, and watching her sexy japanese porno vids, what a sweetheart she is!

May 15, 2008


One minute Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is innocent, and the next she is getting double penetrated and taking 3 loads to her chest and beautiful face. Well, just to remind our audience that this extreme Japanese beauty is still as cute as can be, and still a fine gorgeous and beautiful young Japanese babe, Ive decided to post these pictures of her fine ass taken from Maria’s personal blog. Now what do you think? Yes she’s a hardcore japanese porn actress but admit, she’s 1 of the worlds top finest babes EVER!

January 8, 2008

Today is our favorite Japanese AV models 22nd birthday, lets wish her the best on this day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!!!! Hope your day is great!

Post your birthday wishes for Maria to read! (click comments link below)

November 18, 2007


Maria Ozawa in herself pics and personal pics. She’s so cute, what an awesome personality she has, such creativity and so cute. Maria is still teasing and seductive even at home away from the studio. Her everyday life must be so hectic with 100 dudes coming up to her hitting on her daily, if I was her I’d be a total WHORE! These are the pics displaying her daily lifestyle, her cuteness, and fun personality. So dont forget to visit the Maria Ozawa official site here to see a LOT more of this beautiful Japanese AV model in full perspective. (her official blog is written in all Japanese unfortunately)

August 9, 2007


Here are some sexy and personal real photos from Maria Ozawa’s everyday life. She is so cute and sexy even when not all done up in makeup and adult video gear. What a beautiful beautiful girl. These pictures I gathered from her personal blog site here —>>>

July 30, 2007


Looks like Maria kicks it with Swagger, Phenomenon, Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive, DJ Muro from King of Diggin, Tyler Askew from Rude NYC, and these other dudes at The Reed Space party. I’m jealous of every one of those dudes that had the pleasure of being in the company of Maria Ozawa. Pics are from the Staple Design blog.

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