January 13, 2009

I’m here in Tokyo, Japan and just found a few super hardcore Maria Ozawa dvds, her VERY newest ones, I’ll post some pictures soon, I’m busy with meetings and photo sessions for now, but I just wanted to reassure you all that my mind is in the gutter hehehe if ya know what I mean 🙂


Here are a few pictures while I was walking around the Kabukicho entertainment district in Tokyo


Do the owners of those other shitty Japanese sites go to Tokyo to get the best information and content for you guys? FUCK NO! They dont give a shit, but here at MariaOzawa.us Maria has this nigga working his ass off flying to the opposite side of the world to get you guys some original stuff to see 😉

The real dvd box cover for “Dream Woman DX Special – Maria Ozawa, Ryo Takamiya and Natsumi Horiguchi

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  • Hey dude “brother” is way cooler than that word you just used on yourself. Dude you are too cool to call yourself that.

    Anyway I’m so f–king envious of you bro! I’ve been to Japan once but I was stuck in the airport terminal headed to america. It was a two way trip. I never got the chance to see Japan’s cities and cultures.

    Great update, hope to see more pics.

  • Awesome! That is why I like it much here! 🙂

    Dream Woman and the other one, I don’t know if I have that already. Is that uncensored? I have that American Schoolgirl but too bad it’s censored. Also, are there any special/bonus features in her DVDs?

    “You are busy meetings and photo sessions”? Is that with Maria?

    Thanks for the update and waiting for more! 🙂

    P.S. don’t hesitate to send me some of her pics in my e-mail. lol. :p

  • Dear Dude,

    I know there is a most recent uncensored one by Tora-Tora-Tora.
    It’s seem very great, I enjoy a lot just by looking a the photos only:-)))
    by any chance you can find some photos of that one and post to share with all Maria lovers.
    She is the best AV actress who we all love the most 🙂

  • OM are you talking ’bout tora tora 52? i found some screen shots of it. will post it here if admin will allow, talking ’bout mr. admin, wonder what he is into now, hope he met maria and have some new and exlusive photo for us.

  • Barako, sure post some pictures 🙂

    And yes I’m still working on getting some stuff with Maria, working on it, wish me luck though, I’ll surely need it!

  • Then good luck! I imagine it being incredibly difficult to catch her.

  • Dude..you’re awesome!!

    so you’ll meet Maria…? geez..i wonder how it feels like…if i could meet her..maybe i can’t stand.. i will ask her directly to have sex with me!!hahaha..


    you are super~ awesome!!!
    We all wish we can meet her and do more :-)) ha~

  • So did you see Maria? How is the stalking going?

  • Ok, I wasnt able to get with her this time, but I have opportunity on March 14-15 to meet Maria and have dinner with her, etc, but unfortunately I wont be able to make that 🙁
    really bad timing

    But I’ll try to hook up with her again in June when I get back to Tokyo

    Sorry folks for letting you down, but the time WILL COME!!!!!! (sooner or later, hopefully sooner hehe)

  • wow. . .!!