February 22, 2009

Maria is so awesome, so cute and great personality, you can see it how she types her messages to her fans:

Sorry to be so slow to update
It’s now the time to chat with friends when I
I sleep better, and separation from the weary eyes,
Best free people
Long live the free people
I love friends

IMASURU today to wind up a picture of my sister and I made funny for real…Mao




“I know you’re?
And until the moment arrived to move from the stage
exhausted before preparing the first exercise
The performance of this 10 minutes beforehand so I had to see the suspense!

NE MOARI once in a while I enjoy this Young Oh
What a great

Tomorrow’s Event – gee!! IRENAKYA jump-start!!!
Well everyone is looking forward, I cant wait to see you guys at the event!!!


Love you guyz

This has been taken from her personal livedoor blog at http://blog.livedoor.jp/ozawa_maria/

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