July 30, 2007


Looks like Maria kicks it with Swagger, Phenomenon, Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive, DJ Muro from King of Diggin, Tyler Askew from Rude NYC, and these other dudes at The Reed Space party. I’m jealous of every one of those dudes that had the pleasure of being in the company of Maria Ozawa. Pics are from the Staple Design blog.

5 Responses

  • i love maria bicause she want to suck my deeep

  • One girl in Swedish pretended to be Maria Ozawa. She said that Maria Ozawa’s picture is her picture. She is really crazy. I asked to stop it . But, she didn’t listen to do it. And she said that her name is Maria Lopez.. Geees.
    What I do for this?
    Please let to know stop them. Please contact to my email.

  • Maybe ….. i like u :X

  • Hey dude plenty of ladies pretending to be Maria … they are cam girls looking for a quick buck … that’s all. The real Maria does not ask you for your credit card … I know this 🙂

  • But, there is a rumor of Maria quitting her production company and taking her body to private sessions, as a call girl type deal, if interested let me know, I’ve inquired about it, and it seems maybe possibly legit, but of course, chances are it’s probably not

    ……I’m finding out though 😉