August 9, 2007


Here are some sexy and personal real photos from Maria Ozawa’s everyday life. She is so cute and sexy even when not all done up in makeup and adult video gear. What a beautiful beautiful girl. These pictures I gathered from her personal blog site here —>>>

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  • she’s so pretty but it’s a waste that she does porn…i guess it’s true the prettiest people do the ugliest things.

  • Yeah! Maria is beautiful it is a waste for her to be doin AV, when she could persue a career as a proper actress.

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  • althought she does a porn, not virgin again, i still will married her if she want! i really fan of you, really love you, everything is you

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  • haloo…
    maria im ur fan its my first time that i saw your porno the house of my friends b.f ,together with my b.f also and i was so hot when i saw ur fucking angelic face….bwahaha….and that is why i go to the internet site and search ur name at the google..hahaha…thnaks for that i can send u my feedback…hope u send me ur fucking angelic face at my email address…^^

  • wow u’re so really really beautiful girls.
    U’re the sexiest women alive.

    Would u g fuck with me if u’re in Bali??? Please….

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  • oh what a waste indeed. A hottie like ozawa getting fucked by ugly bastards haha. Ms.Ozawa , try doing it with some guys who are actually considered hot. Maybe a model? Haha. But hey dong get me wrong i would tap that ass hands down 😉

  • oh and by the way baby , im sure i look way better than all the guys you did haha. And a larger johnson too! Cheers

  • hi maria, maybe if oppurtunities come early for you, you dont need to do this erotic things maybe you can become a decent actress.. its not late to stop this maria. take care and god bless..

  • if you have time send me your picture. not nude ok? tnx..

  • Ms. Maria Ozawa.. your life is a waste, you only have 1 life, so u should live it with peace, and dignity. you are very beautiful, that can manage to hypnotized eyes of ordinary persons. i advise you to stop being a porn star, you can still change everything GOD is always there to help you.. i’ll pray for you.

  • come to Bali maria!!!!

  • i don’t care what u did and i don’t care what u r!!!!!
    if i could marry u i still will marry you…….

  • remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it will destroy our life… don’t get little fun with destroying our life in this world and here after!

    every thing today will return. and we will responsible everything we done…

  • ohhhhhhh maria ozawa (I LOVE U } ang sarap mo would you like to

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  • hi..iv heard a lot abt u frm sum of my frnds..u r so pretty, in our country we have a famous local actress who looks almost exactly like u, bt i was shocked that u hav this kind of job..i knw m not perfect so i hav no right to tell u what u should b doin, i just hope that ur happy with what ur doin..
    m not a fan bt i hope i could b ur friend..i have no bad intentions, i know u nid d respect more than anythng else right now..f u have friendster jst look for me there, gµåRÐïåñ åñgêL..the characters of name should not be altered/changed when u search..take care whoever u are, i just have this filng that maria ozawa is not ur real name..

  • Hey Guardian Angel, what’s the name of the local celebrity girl that looks like Maria Ozawa? I’d like to compare how close she looks to Maria hehe.

  • It’s such a waste that this beatiful lady had turned out to be a pornstar. wonder why?

  • Hi..u r good in my eyes

  • What is bumburbia?

  • This is my opinion, so it’s very subjective. Also not for under 18s to read. Maria is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She is nearly perfect. She has a beautiful face, nice eyes, mouth and nose. She has lovely tits and breasts. The arch and proportion of her neck is absolute perfection. Her ears a lovely, perfect. She has a lovely figure, bottom. The legs are more ‘western shaped’ but I’m not sure if she has what would be considered absolute perfection cf. with Nikki Anderson or Laure Sainclair’s leg shape. (They were perfect!) Overall she could be the best star ever if she’ll do real h’dcore, dp, dap, dpp in huge gbangs.


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  • you’re too pretty to be an actress ….
    remains to be like you right now ……..
    because I think you’re not fit to be a movie actress!

  • maria,i want making sex with you..i love u maria,iam horny..

  • Hey guys,

  • Im big fan of yours.Im in the Philippines.I hope Ill see in person sometime.

  • hai your so hot maria………

  • Any one who can invite maria ozawa in going to the Philippines all expense trip plus the talent fee as well as the finders fee will be given if she comes to the Philippines money is not a problem

  • Mr. Manny Pacquaio, what kind of shoot would you want to do with Maria? I can forward your message to her talent management team. Do you want girl on girl? nude erotic? hardcore sex? bikini / lingerie style?

  • Hello Maria
    I’m a Thai girl
    I like a girl
    and I like you ><
    you very cute.