October 31, 2009


Maria Ozawa is such a cute angel for Halloween. Enjoy her personal Halloween photos, and if you have any, please submit them 🙂

October 13, 2009

Maria Ozawa is planning on being a starring role in the Indonesian film “Menculik Miyabi”. The japanese av idol has outraged religious leaders there. The Clerics’ Council Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) has been protesting these plans to bring the japanese pornstar to Jakarta Indonesia in mid October to play the film “Menculik Miyabi” it means Kidnapping Miyabi.


http://www.mui.or.id/ their website doesnt even work, has bunch of scripting errors

So, my question to all the Indonesian people here, what is your view on this subject? Please post your opinions.


September 18, 2009

Maria Ozawa is going to be at Rockza in Tokyo on September 20th, 2009. Sorry for the late notice

Anyone going?

I’m trying to get tickets and plan flights/hotel right now, fuck fuck I wish I knew sooner!!!!

The show with Maria at Rockza has the schedule HERE and her actual Maria Ozawa Rockza profile is HERE (ALL Japanese language, I guess it’s not very foreigner-friendly)


I heard it’s in Tokyo, but also there is something going on with Rockza in Macau again, at that Hotel Grand Lisboa Casino, I cant figure out which is which yet, here’s the link to the Macau Rockza show -> here

May 6, 2009

Many more videos of sexy japanese av model Maria Ozawa at Japanese Idols 69


Yes! Maria Ozawa has been quite busy in Taiwan, she’s even on the feature issue of FHM. She’s sporting her new tiger tattoo and showing off her tight body to the mainstream fans of hers, and all the while making a massive amount of new fans, I’m sure you’ll see a lot more peeps around here posting their crazy nonsense fan comments soon 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pictures and be sure to check her out also at FHM official site

Also see the youtube vid of Maria Ozawa behind the scenes during her FHM photoshoot HERE

See more japanese girls at Idols 69

April 30, 2009

Visit Japan Sex Network and Idols 69 to see many more Maria Ozawa videos and pictures


This is from an article in japanese language at yahoo.jp so I tried to translate it using Babelfish, I hope it makes sense to you?

The Japanese adult video (AV) the actress, Mary Osawa visited Taiwan, on April 13th, the violence suspense movie ‘decease group opposite which performs’ (柯 孟 molten supervision) attended premiere screening meeting.

In event ardent fan of locale large gathering. It binds the body of the self with the chain, “would like to lift up by your” that the man who is appealed it was.

Osawa announces the beautiful body with this work, the young actor, the Hari 睿 Family ([buraian] [chiyan]) with enthusiastically performing the extreme love scene. The same work on April 17th is released in Taiwan. (Compilation charge: Favor rice field Yuki)

The real Yahoo.jp link is HERE

More japanese girls and LOTS more MO vids and pics at Japan Sex Network and Japan Idols 69

August 20, 2007


Maria Ozawa was in Macau for a show, she’s a high-class showgirl and is looking SMOKING HOT! Look, she’s the lead dancer in the middle, she stands FAR above the other hot girls!

Maria performed at Rockza Nightclub in Shinjuku, she is the most popular Japanese AV idol so she had a LOT of fans present. The shows (called “Tokyo Nights”) received mixed reviews but Maria enjoyed sightseeing in Macau and everyone got to see her sexy temporary tatoo on her left arm. Some other japanese av models that performed in the show were 仙葉由季 Yuki Senba, 篠原リョウ Ryo Shinohara , 小野今日子 Kyoto Ono , かんな Kanna, 成瀨美穗 Miho Naruse , 相崎琴音 Kotone Aisaki, 水野美香 Mika Mizuko, 涌井 麻紀 Yuuki Maiko.


Some fliers and pics of the hotel:

July 30, 2007


Looks like Maria kicks it with Swagger, Phenomenon, Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive, DJ Muro from King of Diggin, Tyler Askew from Rude NYC, and these other dudes at The Reed Space party. I’m jealous of every one of those dudes that had the pleasure of being in the company of Maria Ozawa. Pics are from the Staple Design blog.

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