October 13, 2009

Maria Ozawa is planning on being a starring role in the Indonesian film “Menculik Miyabi”. The japanese av idol has outraged religious leaders there. The Clerics’ Council Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) has been protesting these plans to bring the japanese pornstar to Jakarta Indonesia in mid October to play the film “Menculik Miyabi” it means Kidnapping Miyabi.


http://www.mui.or.id/ their website doesnt even work, has bunch of scripting errors

So, my question to all the Indonesian people here, what is your view on this subject? Please post your opinions.


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  • hey bro… indonesian just say about the prohibited, but they eager to see maria in indonesia ^^
    btw, iam indonesian

  • sabar aj y mbak miyabi..hhaHAA

  • Old news….Your site seems good but updates are lenghy,lacking and you got to wait .Have seen better maria sites around sorry to say with more content.

  • indonesia is now controled by arabian teroris to give much money to like islamic radical like FPI, so what about CIA in indonesian ? why arabian teroris can controled indonesia

  • i know the answer american will destroy indonesian to rape the oil, american again huh, like WTC american CIA kill US citizen to using reason attack iraq and rape the oil , the most beatiful energy on earth, so stupid indonesian is easy to destroy!!!!


  • Well, actually… I’d love to her in Indonesia, and i think “Menculik Miyabi” isn’t a porn film…

  • I think it’s good for indonesian people. that’s demonstrate maturity of Indonesian people to accept anything. is seen not only skin, but also its contents. if someone deny her arrive in indonesia, he feels most sacred (even though it is not holy), considers himself better than a miyabi. it called hypocrite

    indonesian’loving miyabi

  • jam, this site isnt trying to be day to day about Maria Ozawa, we are compiling EVERY PIECE of information and content, vids, pictures, etc, and i will report the MO news anytime I can find it, it’s difficult because lots of her news information is written in japanese language.

    rino, i dont get you man, u are certainly totally anti-muslim or anti-USA?

    X and noo, you have the right spirit guys, i’d love for Maria to go anywhere that i’m at, she’s going to a concert here later this month in Thailand I will be there at full attention 🙂 (and try to get some pics of her, with her, meet her)

  • freeman, i love your point of view on this matter, it is exactly correct in my opinion also

  • TAKE CARE IF landing to INDONESIA..
    ozawa must have a bodyguard like a SWAT
    -full weapon
    -full time care’s ozawa

    I’M Not Kidding

    stay away from BOMB….

    i hope i can say..”welcome to indonesia ozawa…”

  • yes I also absolutly agree with freeman, I feel so ashame that our people ( Indonesian ) are hipocrite … Maria Ozawa is a single not marriage, but look in our peoples … father rape his doughter, brothers sisters incest, …. wife, husband diskonest,…an innocent baby born without husband died in the rubish bin … in video porn shop … who’s the most buyer ??? ….. who’s the immoral … Maria or my peoples ???? Not only MUI protested but the most radical FPI …. I’m sure they’ve or like watch the Video or web in the internet …… but the real is they can’t have Maria.
    Maria keep going ….. only small peoples in my country dislike you.

  • indonesia… tanah airku… tanah tumpah darahku…
    disanalah… aku berdiri, jadi pandu ibuku…
    Indonesia.. kebangsaaanku… bangsa dan tanah airku..
    marilah kita berseru.. indonesia bersatu…
    hiduplah tanahku,… hiduplah negriku.. bangsaku… rakyatku.. semuaaaanya
    bangunlah jiwanya bangunlah badannya untuk indonesia raya….
    Indonesia raya merdeka merdeka, rakyatku negriku yang kucinta..
    indonesia raya merdeka merdeka hiduplah indonesia raya..


  • kecewa miyabi gk jadi dateng ke indonesia gagagagaga

    ayo ayoo dateng dung mas udah kangen ne ma miyabi gagagaga

  • ra nyanyi kowe sa.. miyabi loop u pull… akakakakak

  • as long as they aren’t malaysian (this land is forbiden for all fucking malaysian), i think everyone can visits Indonesia safely, and you know last month our police succesfully destroyed malaysian terorrist Noordin M. Top away from our land, so i think it would be nice if our princess MO enjoy Indonesia, Noordin had been already killed don’t worry with the malaysian terrorist, they just a group of little shit

  • I think Indonesian people should know what is bad or not. We can’t say Maria is wrong person just because of what she did. I think “Menculik Miyabi” is just a comedy film, that use Miyabi. Who knows that people that say Miyabi can’t go to Indonesia just for controversial, but exactly they love to watch her movies……who knows. Indonesian people should open their mind, if the movie is a comedy so say it a comedy movie. There are many comedy movies that starred with Indonesian actors and actress that contains sex factor ( even not vulgar ). So, i think, just relax and enjoy the movie. Don’t judge the book just from the cover.

  • i think its okay if she come to indonesia,
    she isnt terrorist !!
    anyway some people at MUI maybe have seen her movies too !!
    sucker !!

  • ok saya tidak memihak siapapun, yang jelas diindonesia saja artis udah pakai celana super minim kenapa ngga dilarang oleh mui untuk main film, semua tayangan diindonesia udah pada mau merusak moral anak anak, maria kan cuma mau main film komedi diindonesia knp malah dilarang,……
    kalo mau adil tutup tuh semua rumah produksi yang bikin film yang memuat pakaian super minim sama kampung dolly, salah kalo menganggap kedatangan maria membawa bencana keindonesia, sebenarnya yang membawa bencana diindonesia adalah masyarakat udah berpaling dari alquran , hadist dan sunah rasul

  • damn indonesian governments! ‘menculik miyabi’ is not porn film. its just comedy film. I love maria ozawa. indonesian peoples love miyabi. miyabi is very welcome to indonesia……its miyabis right to go to indonesia. fuck meutia hatta (menteri peranan wanita indonesia) MUI, I don’t like your fatwa!

  • sigh.. im indonesian.. i dont know why indonesian ppl always like that. bring topics about terrorist, bomb, religion, etc. or writing lyrics about indonesian national song. really oot and weird. if they want to comment at least talk about the topics.

    im not Moslem, but i think maria should be careful tho ppl here esp. fanatic moslem kinda scary. but not that u land in indonesia suddenly boooomm 🙂

    I would love to see maria ozawa filming indonesian movie here, its an honor.

  • BwWahahahaHHAHAHH…….. Fuck to MUI and all Indonesian Muslim RELigioN BasTARd!!! What wrong with Miyabi come to Indonesia..?? Even they also fuck some Indonesian Bitch at their home… Seriously, Indonesia are gone stupid now because of all of that Muslim.

    By the way I`m indonesian but I`m not regret to say this..!!

  • one word !!! suck !!!!, you know what , the govermet is way to much for corruption ,the poor people has been blind by MUI ,i mean every friday they got brainwash at the mosque.

    They say maria is bitch ,hooo …. in fact they fuck local bitch .Is that making any different,What i think they just got jealous to maria.

    More over the leader of moslem is way to much for having wife more than 2 maybe 3 or 4 /lol .I prefer catholic well at least they never ever let marry two girl at the same time .

    And the worst part is : terorist who kill people ,is treated like a hero .
    Any comment ???

  • gempa bumi akan berlaku lebih teruk lagi di bumi indonesia…. sialan kamu semua..

  • your last life is so dirty if u know maria…so it doesn’t matter if u know what your fault and what u did last…by the way islam is the most peace relegion in the world…in long time if u keep be patient to make your life better than last, i’m sure our people very happy if u wanna be moeslim forever…just one thing u can do maria….DON’T TRY EVEN DO THAT YOUR LAS ACTIVITY AGAIN, if you really want to nice moeslim women in the right of Allah ways..wassalam from indonesian people…

  • i really meet u maria face to face.i like your movies and when u free u can msg me at my email krypton_red9@yahoo.com

  • xxx,Juji watch ur mouth fucking people! who u think u r??? huh??!!!!! FUCK U! ur mom is asshole bitch!!!!!! fuck!!!!!! whos ur dad???? dog fucker???!!!! “whoaaa help my dog die cause raped by their dad!!!!!!” open ur ass bitch! muslim is good religion,but there are many people in indonesia goes too extreme like that,honestly i dont like that extreme people but not all moslem like that, bitch!!!!! ur disrespect moslem religion if i report u to indonesian goverment, u will killed with bullet hole in ur ass!,so shut the fuck up! dont try to do that again!!!!! think what ur do!!!!!

  • You Maria Ozawa is filming a movie in Taiwan? A Horror movie? I’m surprised you haven’t posted anything about it yet. I think it is already done filming and going to be released sometime soon.

  • What is jilbab? Make a women like a cup of meat not more.. Make a woman like life in a jail or hell. I love u miyabi, let’s come to my country indonesia..

  • hi there (=

    i am an indonesian girl who dropped by accidentally because my friend had my entry linked back and i was curious about what he wrote upon Ms. Ozawa arrival to indonesia. and so here i am, reading your entry as one of the links he included in his blog.

    i don’t think you have any clearer view from a (quite) neutral indonesian. perhaps, as you’ve already seen in some mainstream media like reuters or cnn, our country had been in a deep shit for quite some time. there were conflicts among different–and even the same–religion/s, (un)democratic election and ballot, corruption in the government institutions, teritorial dispute, earthquake, terrorist attack, tsunami. you name it, we have it.

    one thing that i found it quite unfortunate for us in indonesia is that the government seemed to have lack of power and will to overcome the problems. being the biggest moslem population in the world, in which i’m included, the idea to view everything based on islam perspective is somehow a must, or else, we’d be accused of apostles. FPI (Front Pembela Islam or the Front of Islam Defenders), with one of the vocal and ‘diehard’ religious leaders as a chairman, seemed to voice some of the muslims who want this country to be based on islam norms and values, which i, personally, do not want to.

    that’s FPI.

    in relation with the movie that Ms. Ozawa about to role, well, those guys from FPI only see her image as a porn star, and it is her image as one that will become the ‘selling point’. but did they try to find out what the script was all about? no. did they speak to the film maker in one, conducive situation that will lead them to a healthy discussion? no. did the filmmaker HAVE THE CHANCE to even tell them? no. FYI, the FPI people came one day to the filmmaker’s office and put up banners showing their hatred to Ms. Ozawa WHOM THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHERE SHE’S FROM. they pointed their fingers at Ms. Ozawa as if they’re the holiest people on the face of the earth. and to me, that was an act of disgrace to humanity, and most of all, to god. i read the same holy book as they do, but in any kind of languages it is translated, i did not find any hatred towards people and animals. it is contrast to their acts.

    personally, i don’t fancy porn movies. yet, i don’t hate them either. it’s just like food or clothes that people sell in small stalls in the traditional market because i see movies, be it porn or not, as merely commodity. it’s simply economics 101: when there’s demand, there’s supply, and voila! you get yourself a market. the same goes to Ms. Ozawa also, just like any other porn stars–male and female–on the face of the earth.

    i think i’ve said enough. you could visit my blog if you like. i wrote an entry about this uproar with Ms. Ozawa’s picture that i captured from one of the online news. leave your comment underneath the post by clicking the title if you want the english translation of it. i’d be happy to share information because that’s what information supposed to be: disseminated, not kept.

    have yourself a wonderful weekend!


  • 70% of indnesia people welcome miyabi but beter come to bali because bali is netral area ok love u miyabi
    Sory my english bad

  • Fuck christian people in the world! fuck catholic fuck protestan! fuck jesus christ, jesus christ fuck her mom…..and her name was maria ozawa. …..hahaahahahah

  • MUI or whatever at indonesia is MUNAFIK!!!!Cari sensasi aza..padahal di blakangnya aza mreka cari-cari lonte yg lebih jelek banget dr miyabi.Atopun ternyata di blakangnya mreka jg diem2 nonton filmnya..cari sensasi biar seluruh isi dunia tau kalo indonesia tuh terkenal alim(alias anak liar malam).

  • Hi world!!,
    as normal guy i like maria ozawa video, make me feel fun and some times horny of course, cause she really sexy.

    But as indonesia man, i dont want my young generation spoiled by her “black moral”, i hope my young generation before 21th never impacted by her coming to indonesia. of course is different if they want to hidenly cross over the internet to see her body.

    So im totally reject her coming to indonesia, event she never act as pono star, but everyone knew already that she is “bad moral” as our standard

    Keep she do her own porn actress, but please dont spoiled my young generation will her journey to indonesia


  • some more miyabi / maria ozawa articles about the Indonesian situation http://search.detik.com/index.php?query=miyabi&cari=cari&fa=detik.search

  • Duh Gusti,paringono sabar….bocah2 iki wis dho lali…
    Arep dadi opo Indonesia nek wong2ane wis koyo ngene…wis do ra nduwe adab lan moral…do ra ngurmati sing liyane,nganthi ngelek2i agama liyo…nek bejat,bejato dewe kono…ora sah ngejak2…

  • so this my opinion, in indonesia every boys knows miyabi, mostly college kids, but perhaps a more mature person is more to think more wisely because according to the culture and to
    cherished image of the state owned it, so officials there can not be declared she come
    so for the admin who I respect, it may be useful when miyabi not come as vulnerable to the image in that country,mmh i wait she become to make a true film like she play at invitation only,nice to see maria acting

    oh i.m sorry my english bad, thank’s

  • Buat Juji,xxx..Dan yg lain yg ngasih komenx rada2 sableng..Hati2 klo ngasi ko men,kepalamu bs pisah dr badanmu bro…Klo nda suka blng aja nda suka..Jgn pake maki2 salah satu agama..Agama itu agung dan tdk prnah mengajarkan yg salah..Yg salah n bejat itu orangx,.Ya kayk kmu2 itu..Makax bertobatlah saudaraku,..Sebelum ajal dan bencana yg lebih bsar dtng dan menjemput ragamu… I love indonesia..Peace for all..

  • Miyabi..Miyabi..Malang bnar nasibmu..Udah mulutmu dijadikan pispot sma temanmu,eh dtng kesini ditolak lg..Ha,ha.Ha..Ha..Klo dah jdi setan,jdi setan aja..Nda usah main sinetron..Atw jgn2 yg ngundang dia mbah nya setan jga kyk qta2..Ha..Ha..Ha..Hidup setan.!!!..Di indonesia dah bnyk setan..Masa mau ngundang setan??Setan2 disini aja diusir..Ha,ha,ha,ha..Kmu gabung aja sma tman setanmu ditmpt asalmu..Biar disini serahkn sma qta..Ha..Ha..Ha…Ha..

  • @rino indonesia …. FUCK U RINO!!!!!!!! KISS YOUR MOTHER BEHIND AND GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Doomsday is coming, where are you go guys, hell or heaven? Becarefull for your comment.

  • prihatin, you are sooooo right man, satin and GOD are sitting here watching this website and deciding whether if we go to hell or heaven haha, right?


  • I am Indonesian. I totally agree with bangkumis and Mr.P.
    It is hard to see someone who have done many mistakes in her life is still a right person. Despite she is beautiful and sexy. If she can not respect herself, let alone us? If u don’t agree with me i dare u to watch one of her movie with your little brother or sister. Do you ready to explain to them what porn star is? I am just thinking about minor i here. . Don’t let them be stupid like us.

  • I know she is very pretty. But it’s really stupid if she plan to be porn and non-porn movie star at the same time. Impossible. Because once your porn movie spreads all over the world, people would always see u as bad example no matter what. . I think that’s why Indonesian people reject her eventhough she just plan to play in a non-porn movie

  • I totally agree with bangkumis and Mr.P.
    It is hard to see someone who have done many mistakes in her life is still a right/normal person. Despite she is beautiful and sexy. If she can not respect herself, let alone us? If u don’t agree with me i dare u to watch one of her movie with your little brother or sister. Do you ready to explain to them what porn star is? I am just thinking about minor here. . Don’t let them be stupid like us.
    She is very pretty. But it’s really stupid if she plan to be porn and non-porn movie star at the same time. Impossible. Because once your porn movie spreads all over the world, people would always see u as bad example/influence no matter what. . I think that’s why Indonesian people reject her eventhough she just plan to play in a non-porn movie.coz there are some people who still capable of thinking with other than their GENITAL. Sorry to say. .

  • Kwapok kwe 🙂

  • Baik yang nolak atau yang setuju tolong jangan menjelek-jelekkan agama…

  • For : nec n andi)…Salut buat loe..Ku suka gaya loe….

  • dia jg manusia…hx klakuannya yg ky hewan..dia jg px hak utk dtang k c0untry kt…jd kt biarin z dlu dia dtang ksni..t0h kdatangan x g kn bwt kt smua d0sa…kt liat z dlu film x yg mw d rilis d ind0nesia..lw brbau x y wjb kt usir…emg dy g px agama..jd ea g px btsan utk mlakukan smua x…c0ba pas dy dtng k ind0nesia critain mslh d0sa n akbt x mgk dy bs t0bat…pa lg lw dy mw msuk islam…amin…ind0nesia n agama islam akan trknal k sluruh pl0sok dunia…i l0ve ind0nesia n islam

  • Yeh i’m agree Mr.p,nec and bangkumis, make a positive ways !

    salute for u guys!

  • Oh my God, what happen to U guys? If U think U r jenious, just talk about the topic, don’t bring a religion conflict here.

  • Gw sngt brhrp miyabi bisa dtng ke indonesia,
    wt pihak2 trtentu yg ga suka miyabi dtg,ojo podo munafix
    lagian dia dtg bkn wt bkin film hot,melainkn komedi
    wt ayang miyabi,sing sabar yo ndo..? I Love u full miyabi

  • wah wah wah, i don’t like miyabi come to indonesia, because why just miyabi??? i like all jav idols like sora aoi and yua aida come to indonesia, i’ll be very happy if they in here
    but i like miyabi too,
    orang2 yang menentang kedatangan miyabi saya anggap munafik, orang di indo cuma main film, bukannya jual diri ke dolly or saritem, tul g???

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  • i think there is no problem if miyabi comes to indonesia. i’m indonesian, but i hope maria ozawa come to indonesia. it’s just comedy film…

  • who does not actually come to support the Indonesian Miyabi is only 0.05% of the population of Indonesia. He only went along.
    because I know, you will not play comedy porn movies.
    hopefully with you playing the comedy in Indonesia with good and bad in the watch
    I’ll always be waiting for your movie is made in Indonesia that
    INDONESIA always waiting your arrival

  • To all of you(juji,xxx,indonesia love miyabi)…Suck my dick.!!!!..Ha..Hahahaha..Ha..Gedubrak..Toweweng..

  • FUCK MUI! Viva Miyabi!

  • Indonesian people r FxxxXX hypocrite.
    They said it’s forbidden 4 Maria to come to our country.
    Maybe they just don’t like japanese whore, only local whore……
    hahahaha ^^
    4 FPI, why don’t u all go to the FxxxXX hell man…
    You idiot…..
    If you all want a war, why don’t u all go to Afganistan hah?
    kill urself right there, not in my lovely country
    We can be like moron people if there r a lot of people like them
    SHIT with u FPI
    Maybe they need money so they demonstrate
    why don’t just give them a lot of money to shut their FxxxXX mouth
    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover……..you IDIOT

  • Since she’s just come for professional issues, this hive mind has no problem with it. I care not about the hypocrites out there, since they didn’t see themselves. Those who denies know not the main problem: themselves.

  • siapapun yang musuhi MUI dan bawa isu agama , whoever you are. semoga matimu adalah rasa sakit yang tersakit. Semoga siksamu berat diantara yang terberat. Percaya tak percaya …. saat itu pasti akan tiba. come joint it !!!!

  • Miyabi is welcome to Indonesia. I am a big fans of her =)
    i think it’s okay Miyabi play a comedy film in Indonesia.
    Miyabi talking in Indonesian language? its gonna be tickling. xD
    Indonesia loves Miyabi !

    to Yon : apakah yang lu sembah itu adalah MUI? apakah MUI itu sakral? lo sama aja menyembah dunia bukan Allah. jangan terpaku sama organisasi. inget yang lo sembah itu Allah bukan agama lo bukan MUI. dan apakah lo punya kuasa buat menghakimi orang lain? ingat bro, jangan sampai kata2 lo yang malah menimpa diri lo sendiri. lagian, lo klo mo ngomongin itu jangan di sini. nambah junk aja. haha.

    sekian. luv miyabi. luv indonesia. xD

  • Eh gw muslim tp ng munafik kaya lo orang, elo ngomong sok suci tp elo masuk ke situs ini, elo ngaku kaum elo suci, tp coba elo liat di TV berapa banyak bapak2 muslim yang perkosa anak kandung sendiri ??? baru kemaren ini anak 12th hamil dan bersalin di Cimahi, elo pikir siapa yang hamilin ???? elo liat di temehek mehek, orang ketiga dll, dan … siapa yang … klakuannya yg ky hewan … ???
    Masing masing orang punya caranya sendiri dalam mencari sesuap nasi, selama ng ngeganggu elo orang …. kenapa musti usil ???? karena semua perbuatan pasti akan dipertanggung jawabkan dihadapan Allah swa

  • I Love Miyabi

    Please come to Indonesia!

    But no for Porn

  • guys..
    Be relax..
    Don’t be fight..
    Just because miyabi..
    U are same..
    The indonesian..

  • Im like u movies..this my email,maxmilianmax@yahoo.com..if u have free tyme u online me..?..

  • wis mboh le…..

  • MUI layaknya serigala berbulu domba.

  • Time is too short, and your job is only a porn star, that is not good for my teen and young generation, life is too short, every human will be die and meet our God, so do the best thing in our life… The porn star is a bad job. Be a positive life…. Our God watch every single what we do. Trust It!!!!

  • Men engulfed themselves in sex for far too long. Lust, greed, in everything, humanity had been corrupted.

    I dont know how the Westerners feel if their daughter are in the porn industry. Do you Westerner feels good, or proud that your daughter can do nothing but sell her body off just like that?

    Democracy you say? Westerners are being too Democratic, and it’s always a human’s nature to go out of the line if there are complete freedom, which explains the high crime/rape rate in the Western.

    As someone who once lived in Indonesia, I completely oppose Miyabi’s presence in a place where the community are trying to preserve their religious act. It’s better for her to consider going to an open-free community somewhere else other than Indonesia.. Why insist to go there?

  • MUI?? What is that? Sounds lke a group of indonesian’s guy with unnormal mind..or should i say an idiot..?

  • Seizhin, the way you speak, you are anti-freedom? If my daughter is old enough to choose what she wants, and to make her own decision and she decide to do porn, then so be it, I would love that she will do what SHE DECIDE to do!!!!!

    I dont need anybody to tell me how to think, how to feel

  • I’m a Democrat, I hear opinion, analyze and decipher their meaning and need, and gave them freedom in what they want, ‘if’ it doesnt affect anyone in a negative way.

    People who demands complete “freedom” actually doesnt realize they are causing more trouble to people around them.

    I understand how you feel to allow your daughter to do porn, but you need to realize the culture difference, or, at least the difference in thought and mind, accept it that some places are against porn.

    If you’re causing trouble, why do it?
    If the answer is “Because I’m free to do whatever I want, I dont need anyone to lead my way of life.” Such answer actually spells out ‘inconsiderate’ than anything else to us Asians.

    Lastly, my post here is not to raise any debate, as what you have been trying to say is true but you’ll have to keep in mind, it’s not about changing how others think, it’s about accepting how other people thinks and staying with them.

    In this case, it’s culture, and religion.

  • Oh yes, I apologize if any of my entries are offending.

    I find that quite a few of my Western friends actually considers Asians to be ‘too conservative’ and are ‘afraid to see changes.’ Which, I suppose is true.

    Regardless, I’ve never wished to have a debate over this, nor anything of the sort, and I apologize for any offense I made in my previous posts.

    PS: Out of the 70+ comments, it’s an honor to get a reply from the Admin.

  • For Miyabi I think it’s better if she doesn’t come to Indonesia. She gained nothing by coming to Indonesia and the risk is too high.

    For Indonesian, I think we should admit the fact that lots of people in Indonesia watch Miyabi’s porn movie. Rather than judging other person we better check ourselves first. Don’t be so self righteous.

    So what’s wrong if she came to play in a movie in Indonesia?

    If your daughter or little sister ask about who is Miyabi? What porn star means?

    I think it is a good opportunity for you to explain what porn is, why it is bad in your opinion, etc. Use logic not force, use words not fist, to tell people of the truth you are believed.

    If your son or daughter losing their faith or fall into sin just because Miyabi come to Indonesia, what a shallow morale and faith they have? Something must be wrong in how you raise them, its more your fault then Miyabi’s fault.

    Peace ^^

  • guys,please don’t badmouth any religion. It’s uncouth and well, it discredits your opinion. Don’t forget that this is a public forum and what you say may affect you(take evan brimob,for example). On my view of Miyabi,as long as she intends to play that movie alone to me from a professional point of view why not? the pics and vids posted here can be merely taken as her job,nothing more or nothing less. I believe that she is a professional and well if you don’t want her playing any other movies here just tell her for god’s sake. She’s human and she’ll listen. If a production house wants her as a comedy star than view her as a comedy star for coming here, not as a porn star. If you want to really stop porn and other things take care of your own garbage. BTW,I’m an Indonesian and although I’m not Muslim I don’t think that Islam is a bad religion.Bad religions don’t exist, just bad people and well, bad judgementx(such is the case of terrorists,FPI and so on although MUI is not fully included since the case of Maria Ozawa is a little controversial from their point of view but I suppose they should change it). BTW, here’s an example of people with bad judgement. Someone told me that he/she(forgot) was walking down the street and encountered some ladies who has just finished their prayers and was eating something while talking about Miyabi. They then proceed to take a ride on a public transport and while the thing was about to jet off they throw the wrapper of the things they ate. If they are so morally aware,why not put their trash first(a basic courtesy) before rejecting someone who may actually have pure intentions in coming here? Talk about bad morals *sigh

  • okay, the problem that Islam prohibit (is it right?) or forbid porn..


    most indonesian people religion is ISLAM..

    so, a lot of people hate it.. but some like her (at north sulawesi, they say make the film here!”)


  • Miyabi comes to indonesia??? It’s her right, right? Every human born
    With same right isn’t it?? They used it to a lesson, but they not do what
    They do it, indonesia is a good, and great country, but as a matter of fact
    Lot of people there was suck, moslem are not bad, but some of the are fucking
    Shit, munafik in indonesia,bullshit they just search of sensasion by reject
    Miss Ozawa, they said pornstar is bad?? It her choice, and her not doing
    There anyway,

    But LOT of moslem in indonesia is ‘munafik’, they just make thing worst to show just like they better
    Friday night pray, with whole convoy just make worst traffic there
    If the lower is shit, how the upper? In this case MUI…

    If I can say apologize to miss ozawa as indonesia I will
    I will support your next arrival here, MUI is fucking shit,
    Don’t mind them, ok?
    You are trully open arm accepted here

    how could they know about miyabi if they didnt watch her
    they’re just a big damn asssshoooleeee

    i think theyre just jealous
    im not disgusted about what is miyabi doing
    i think its great that she was gonna play a movie here
    but mui ruined it
    theyre hypocrites

  • well… what can i say? i’m an Indonesian, and i love Maria ozawa. but as you can see, there is another people that they call themselves as “Holy People” but in fact they are just a pricks, who love watching Maria’s Vids on their cell phones… (and masturbates, i think =D)

    man, i agree with what devin said, it’s her right to come to indonesia.
    And i’m terribly dissapointed with MUI’s or FPI’s point of view to Miyabi.

    Viva La Miyabi!!

  • You all ferry suck. see you in the hell

  • fuck the all of u !!! religion or your useless stupid fuckin lies would never save u…. !!! dont be so pity about this little fuckin thing like u’re a saint.look at yourself,your race and nation…u’re such a poor nation with low morale in every corner of your goddamned country.i heard it…lots about how u’re thinking.open your eyes motherfucker and mind your own fuckin business !!! btw, thanks for your bad joke n your ugly unupdated mustache glued in every stupid paper everyday. i hope u die by now….

  • Hai brow kta smua trlhr dngara trcinta indonesia jng slng mnjlek2n agama satu sma lain krna VAGINA MARIA OZAWA….kta smua it sma “BEJAT” smua, sm2 pnikmat bokep,sm2 ska NGLONTE n itkn smua yg mnanggung kta sndri jd jngan mnylhkn stu sma lain…Kta tnggu aj kdtngan MARIA OZAWA n kta nkmati brsma aj VAGINAny…PEACE for All


  • wahwah…..kita sampe di sini kenapa? koq jadi pada muna n njelek2in? miyabinya aja enjoy2 di jepun. jgn bw2 agama dnk…..peace! btw, miyabi anjrit bngt udah cakep gila lg, love u miyabi……

  • Saya Cinta Miyabi
    Saya Lebih Cinta Indonesia
    Saya Cinta Hidup

  • Hmm, it’s my opinion but indonesian’s organization called FPI or MUI are just a dick organization cause they think they are better than other and think themselves are holy … even they attack a poor seller who was selling food when vast happened … they think the seller was a evil or something like that….
    Indonesia is full of garbage specially about those organization i hate them ..
    and i know for sure that the FPI and MUI member have arleady watch miyabi and cum out and starting to say Ohh YEAH BaBy nice ass !! like that
    huh… i think i agree if miyabi come cause i think menculik miyabi is a good comedian film !! i hope in that film there is no porn anyway even i admire miyabi i still against what she is doing … she beautifull anyway hahahaha

  • knp??miyabi ga jd dateng??kan gw mo ngelhat sapa tau miyabi bikin bokep dhi indonesia kan gw mo ngeliat toked besar n vagina wangi MIYABI

  • toked miyabi,toked.a kaya,tasya trisma,salsa,shelly,syvia,novia,tiara dan adinda mereka anak sd islam al-azhar 3 crb mereka itu cewek cantik dan da yng mantan gw mereka tu big boobs

  • Semua anjing ,cuma gara gara miyabi , loe semua maki makian , maki makian aja lu d neraka , sambil SPA api neraka .

  • This is some sort of “ethical dilemmas” within the MUI – at some point they would like to see Miyabi, yet it is not possible since they are in such power to perform hypocrisy.
    And I think this is why Muslim country – most of them are not in good shape [even Dubai is in great trouble right now because of their mounting debts].

    Yeah – What can you say? Japanese are cool! They allow these stuffs yet Japanese people are always innovating ways to stay ahead!

  • Yang nolak bukan bangsa Indonesia,tp SEBAGIAN bangsa Indonesia.
    G usah tersinggung&G prlu kecil hati,d lihat saja siapa mereka” yang menolak?
    Mereka kumpulan orang yang mengatasnamakan Agama,tp kelakuan bar-bar!
    Kawin-cerai semaunya aja,ngebom sana-sini dengan dalil mati syahid.
    Kalo sy pribadi,g mlrang sppun dtg k Bumi Garuda ini. .asal tetap mghrgai citra leluhur bangsa ini.
    Mereka yang baru kemarin mnjalankan ibadah,kog bisa-bisany mgtakan orang lain kafir? ?
    Mereka psiko bozZ.
    G perlu di tanggepi.

  • Yang nolak bukan bangsa Indonesia,tp SEBAGIAN bangsa Indonesia.
    G usah tersinggung&G prlu kecil hati,d lihat saja siapa mereka” yang menolak?
    Mereka kumpulan orang yang mengatasnamakan Agama,tp kelakuan bar-bar!
    Kawin-cerai semaunya aja,ngebom sana-sini dengan dalil mati syahid.
    Kalo sy pribadi,g mlrang sppun dtg k Bumi Garuda ini. .asal tetap mghrgai citra leluhur bangsa ini.
    Mereka yang baru kemarin mnjalankan ibadah,kog bisa-bisany mgtakan orang lain kafir? ?
    Mereka psiko bozZ.
    G perlu di tanggepi.

  • Typical religious conservative comments here. Many are condemning Maria Ozawa on here for being morally corrupt and yet this blog entry has receive over 80 comments. If you’re so against her coming to your country, then WTF are you doing on a website that shows her unholy fornicating flesh? Religious conservatives are the biggest hypocrites ever!

  • Dear: Ms.Maria Ozawa a.k.a. Miyabi
    Just want u to know, that u’re welcome here(indonesia) don’t give a damn to all who oppose u. Cause I n many of u’r fans here will support u 100%. Don’t worry too much, and please don’t cancel u’r arrival because we’ll wait for u. Please reconsider again okay, love u so much.
    Ps: bagi kalian yg setuju maupun tidak tolong jangan mengikutsertakan masalah agama, karena ini tdk ada hubungannya dengan agama manapun. Yang terpenting adalah sikap masing2 individu. Kalau suka ya dukung secara positif, sedangkan bagi yang tidak suka jangan menghakimi sesuka hati. Melainkan tinggalkan dan jangan hiraukan selama itu tidak mengganggu kehidupan anda. Dengan begitu negara tercinta kita ini akan aman dan damai jauh dari konflik2.
    NB: bagi yang komentarnya menjelek-jelekkan agama atau bahkan Tuhan kita, terkutuklah kalian sebab pintu neraka telah terbuka bagi kalian. Bertobatlah selagi sempat dan minta ampunan-Nya.
    Thank You.
    Miyabi Go For It…! I hope all the best for you…! ^o^
    Love you always : JAV IDOL FANS

  • Its not for what we or Indonesians want. Im Pakistani and i think that MUI is also citizens of Indonesia, they should also be heard. Ive never heard of MUI and i dont know if they are hypocrites or not. People plz respect others only then will they respect you! People in their comments above say that Maria should come so they can show they are not conservative. My question is whom u want to show that u people are not conservative? Everyone lives for himself. As for Maria i would say that for the respect of MUI she should reject the offer or shoot somewhere else. She is young and will get alot of opportunities in the future.

  • Jawa, Bugis, Bawean, Mendeling, Minang, atau apa saja suku-suku ini, KAMI ADALAH MELAYU di Malaysia

    Sedarlah saudaraku dari Indonesia…
    Kalau majikan kamu Melayu disini percaya senang hidup di Malaysi…
    Yang suka mendera pekerja Indonesia disini adalah dari bangsa Cina…
    Mereka adalah agen Yahudi tidak boleh melihat Melayu maju…
    Anwar Ibrahim (Agent Yahudi) dan Nizar Jamaluddin (Agent Komunis) adalah satu melayu yang jadi ejen yahudi….

    So kalau slogan GANYANG MALAYSIA lebih baik ditukar kepada Ganyang Cina Malaysia dan Ejen Yahudi….

    Tolong la jangan bawa masuk Maria Ozawa ke negara kamu…
    Ingat lah bencana yang berlaku,,, semua itu peringatan dari Tuhan….
    Islam atau Kristian, Malaysia atau Indonesia,,,
    Bersatu menentang Cina Dan Yahudi
    Jangan jadi seperti Singapura Paksi Terang Yahudi, Pusat Propaganda Komunis….

    Sebenar di Malaysia yang mendera rakyat Indonesia adalah Bangsa Cina,

  • Shit! If miyabi is in indonesia, I’ll pack my stuffs and find her and fuck her for a month

  • fuck you all to permit miyabi will come to indonesia. she is a setan girl to dissolved our country indonesia. formerly i don’t know who is she miyabi. but now everyone know her. it is not good for our son, our brother, and all of us. they wish to recognize who is miyabi. then they will go to open internet to search miyabi. and in the internet many foto or video about sex by miyabi. i agree with MUI to forbid miyabi come to our country.

  • kahfi, suck my big fat balls asshole

    you pretend that you’ve never masturbated in your life, haha, you are an asshole, and a hypocrite

  • Semoga Maria Ozawa aka miyabi tergerak untuk masuk islam. Jd gak ada yg ngributin miyabi lagi.

  • admin, you are sick

  • Kahfi, you are hypocrite, liar, and against freedom? that is the lowest possible mentality of person on this planet

  • hey, isnt “Kidnapping Miyabi” movie coming out in Indonesia soon? or coming out at all, somewhere? anyone know?

  • lol admin,
    Not defending kafhi (or whatever he calls himself), but he just tried to defend his beloved ones… We make the men worse than they are, cuz we are the resposibles of the porn videos here on the internet, some of the girls wanted to share their bodies with the world and yeah, it’s easy to find it just typing on Google…
    But nice page by the way… At least you are helping other men to find a good-looking girl, lol.
    And about the freedom, Indonesia has the freedom to deny her presence. They just don’t have to be like the other countries.

    Just forgive me for that Sr. Admin 🙁
    God Bless You!
    Wishes From Queens, NY.

    • Hey man, I respect your opinion about that, very intelligent and respectful 🙂 Don’t need to feel sorry about that 🙂

  • He says Maria Ozawa is “she is a setan girl to dissolved our country indonesia”
    this is ridiculous, he is saying she is out to “dissolve his country”
    if his country is so weak to be dissolved by 1 girl in this world then they are weak anyways
    But I dont think Indo is weak, I think they are a beautiful strong country and no 1 person like maria can dissolve it

    He is insulting Indonesia and he is definitely frowned upon and in the lower more ignorant class in his society that is certain.

    He should spend more time and money on his studies rather than on smoking the pipe.

  • Whatever they say about miyabi, first of all, menculik miyabi was maked, n it maked in japan, with good director, it’s all can be does as well….. salute for Indonesian Director who has a genius thought to find a solution 4 his film

  • admin,i totally apologize for my fellow indonesians stupid comments,i hope u dont stereotyped us as rude peoples.
    about the movie,it survived the criticss (as told by MadMax) and sees no nudity and sex scenes in it,mre of a romantic comedy.
    so,to dear maria,it’s a good experience,and i really hope her to one day come to indonesia.
    as for the hypocrite,rude,dickhead,pathethic indonesian,that curse this site,curse other religions,and curse maria ozawa.FUCK U GUYS.
    u give our country a bad name,keep ur idiots to urselfs.

  • Yes, Indonesia have been controlled by Radical Moslem, they make domination and majority in Indonesia. They want Indonesia become Islam Country… F**K man! Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) controlled all things in Indonesia, they think, they are the best…f**k!

  • Pantek kalian sado no mah

  • am indonesian, n i think am regret being indonesian, cos this country is suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why such a beautiful lady as ozawa is prohibited she didnt fuck any indonesian she’s just makin movie and its not porn,cos if she want to make any indonesian porn of course i will sign up first he he he 5180 X

  • Good to know that majority of Indonesians are open minded and intelligent. Those that speak against Maria Ozawa doing a movie are really stubborn, hypocrite, and should go back to school and try to learn the basics of life again.

    Prz, you make a great point, about her making a movie, not even a porno movie, such shit people who are against the making of the movie

    Anyways, those against it, think again, what are you doing on this site??!?!?! GO AWAY!!!

    And for those Maria Ozawa lovers, I am really hoping and happy if you enjoy this sweet natural beauty, she should be marked as the 8th wonder of the world! 🙂

  • i am dream someday i fuck maria ozawa.

  • i really a fan of you. gambatte!!!

  • oh my penis is almost 10 inch