August 20, 2007


Maria Ozawa was in Macau for a show, she’s a high-class showgirl and is looking SMOKING HOT! Look, she’s the lead dancer in the middle, she stands FAR above the other hot girls!

Maria performed at Rockza Nightclub in Shinjuku, she is the most popular Japanese AV idol so she had a LOT of fans present. The shows (called “Tokyo Nights”) received mixed reviews but Maria enjoyed sightseeing in Macau and everyone got to see her sexy temporary tatoo on her left arm. Some other japanese av models that performed in the show were 仙葉由季 Yuki Senba, 篠原リョウ Ryo Shinohara , 小野今日子 Kyoto Ono , かんな Kanna, 成瀨美穗 Miho Naruse , 相崎琴音 Kotone Aisaki, 水野美香 Mika Mizuko, 涌井 麻紀 Yuuki Maiko.


Some fliers and pics of the hotel:

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