January 8, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Maria Ozawa

December 21, 2010


Maria Ozawa loves to get involved with the holidays! She’s looking like the sexiest Miss Claus I’ve ever seen in my life!

Love you Maria Ozawa!!!

October 22, 2010


Maria Ozawa is looking gorgeous still, here in her personal photos. She’s posing together with her hot japanese girlfriends and wearing little bikinis, some lingerie, and some of her hot everyday clothing. Maria Ozawa knows how to look beautiful everyday of the year, and especially when she’s taking self shot photos of herself in her tiny black bikini! This is by far the hottest japanese girl in the world!

July 19, 2010


this is better…..


February 1, 2010

Rarrrrrr Maria on the attack, take cover!!!

Jonetsu Tairiku File 011 is an erotic documentary released by Caribbeancom.com and features Maria Ozawa uncut and uncensored. It is available from both the English and Japanese language sites. It’s a kind of recap of all the movies she filmed recently and those coming soon.This documentary is about 75 minutes long and although most of her recent movies were censored, the documentary has some of the same scenes uncensored.

See more of this interesting and sexy documentary at Caribbeancom.com

January 8, 2010

Happy 24th birthday Maria Ozawa. You are truly the hottest japanese girl in the world, as you can see by all the users at this site, you are absolutely beloved by many many superfans.

Have great day, keep safe and we hope you get all the gifts you were hoping for! MWAH

Happy Birthday Maria Ozawa!


December 27, 2009


Maria Ozawa performed in the November showing of the Rockza show in Macau. She loves to do that show there, called “Tokyo Nights” that takes place in the Grand Lisboa hotel and casino in Macau. The performance consists of 10 japanese ladies, 6 nude dancers and 4 more backup dancers.


Here are a lot of Maria’s pictures behind the scenes during and in between her show performances, when she’s hanging out eating with friends, or getting prepared putting on her makeup and all.


And more of these cute pics of Maria


December 26, 2009

Isn’t our favorite jav model Maria the greatest, and the sweetest! How do you like these super cute pictures her and her friend Eri make for us, for Christmas 2009 🙂


October 31, 2009


Maria Ozawa is such a cute angel for Halloween. Enjoy her personal Halloween photos, and if you have any, please submit them 🙂

October 28, 2009

Personal Maria Ozawa pictures

October 13, 2009

Maria Ozawa is planning on being a starring role in the Indonesian film “Menculik Miyabi”. The japanese av idol has outraged religious leaders there. The Clerics’ Council Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) has been protesting these plans to bring the japanese pornstar to Jakarta Indonesia in mid October to play the film “Menculik Miyabi” it means Kidnapping Miyabi.


http://www.mui.or.id/ their website doesnt even work, has bunch of scripting errors

So, my question to all the Indonesian people here, what is your view on this subject? Please post your opinions.


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