October 22, 2010


Maria Ozawa is looking gorgeous still, here in her personal photos. She’s posing together with her hot japanese girlfriends and wearing little bikinis, some lingerie, and some of her hot everyday clothing. Maria Ozawa knows how to look beautiful everyday of the year, and especially when she’s taking self shot photos of herself in her tiny black bikini! This is by far the hottest japanese girl in the world!

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  • i love it. im also a huge maria fan like you. you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Maria Fan, 🙂 Maria Ozawa is my soon-to-be wife hehehhehhee LOL

  • Maria Ozawa would make a good wifey. Did you watch that maria bath video? Imagine coming back from work and maria working on you.

  • your body is wonderland, i’m your biggest fans in the world

  • hey guys, just to let you know that maria was in jakarta, indonesia for her new horror movie. and while she was in jakarta, she went several shopping malls in jakarta. it became a such great news in indonesia.

  • WOW! She looks stunning in an kimono!

  • ohh, maria, you are pretty exiting. i love to masturbate looking at your pictures. you are so cute!

  • your look’s like an angel promise,can u be my guardian angel. .tahaha;-)

  • Maria you are a superstar, she looks good in anything and nothing as well, the bikini shots are hot, yum

  • indonesia already…then when malaysia?

  • Hi Maria, I met you in Kabukicho a couple of years ago after your performance. You came up the stairs while I was heading down them, too late. This may sound ridiculous for this site, but how do I get a hold of you? I’d like to pay you a considerable amount of cash for a three-hour date in Shinjuku. My e-mail is nethanielcarter @ gmail. c o m. I suppose if you remember me, you’ll be able to confirm that the e-mail message is actually from you. I hope to hear from you. Nathan

  • where you live?

  • Maria Ozawa lives in Japan