December 27, 2009


Maria Ozawa performed in the November showing of the Rockza show in Macau. She loves to do that show there, called “Tokyo Nights” that takes place in the Grand Lisboa hotel and casino in Macau. The performance consists of 10 japanese ladies, 6 nude dancers and 4 more backup dancers.


Here are a lot of Maria’s pictures behind the scenes during and in between her show performances, when she’s hanging out eating with friends, or getting prepared putting on her makeup and all.


And more of these cute pics of Maria


10 Responses

  • Show was in december dude.How about posting some free movies instead of those reposts from maria’s site.


  • …happy all night long…

  • How did you get the permission to post all of this copyrighted material? Are you friends with her or something? If you’re just using other people’s hard work so that you can make a quick buck yourself, that’s really not cool dude. Why don’t you just link to where you can find the photos, then your readers can still find the content and you’re not breaking any laws. It’s win-win for everyone! Oh, and sites like Japan Sex Network and Idols 69 just rip off original stuff and resell it illegally. If you’d like to support Maria, (and if you’re a fan why wouldn’t you), then I recommend sites like DMM. They have an English site now, so instead of giving money to scumbags like Japan Sex Network, the money can get to the people that acutally make the movies.

    Also, if you live in the US, you might want to look into 2257 compliance statements. Basically, US residents need to keep detailed records (as in photocopies of photo IDs) of all models appearing in sexually explicit photos. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t take them, or if you know the women are 18. The US is pretty strict on this! Wouldn’t want you to end up in prison over running a Maria Ozawa fan site.

  • Maria Ozawa was so awesome in this show, you’d be amazed at her talents other than porn 🙂 ilu MO!

  • hi… im admired you so much.. i love you… good luck!!! mwuah

  • i love to watch maria ozawa porn..
    i will watch it until i squite my self

  • i love u maria

  • u are very sexy, beautifull..n make me….miyabi

  • Hey Tekken, who is DMM? If you really do want to make this site better, and help with suggestions, criticism, or requests, then please email me realteengirls at g m a i l
    we can talk there, i would love to hear in full depth what you have to recommend to me 🙂