January 15, 2009

Well supposedly the Japanese have the best soapy experience in the world, so what is better than to have the very sexiest japanese av model buck naked and oiled up rubbing her sexy flawless naked japanese body all over our ugly naked body! Wouldnt that just be great!!! Then having her give a happy ending, blowing your cock and then cumming all over her sweet face and beautiful big japanese boobies

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vids 1-4

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  • If I’m not mistaken this are from here ‘before shower and after shower’ vids? im not really sure of the title. Awesome video, it’s like ‘bath house’. but if ‘bath house’ was uncensored it would be much better! 🙂 hope they will re-release her previous vids uncensored.

    more power mariaozawa.us!!!

  • More sexy maria! Lol.

    Hey admin, I just found out that she made a new blog (or someone that manages her websites). I followed the link (well more like a typed address) from her old blog. Its from livejournal or something.

  • would you be my girl? maria puts my cock in your middle tits please!

  • it seems that the site http://www.cutycandy.com is a fraud. I paid monthly suscription and after that is imposible to get access to the “login” or “members access” window. They havent answer me yet, but it smells bad. Also, if you type the website in Camina browser, it opens the dell homepage.

  • Tried joining cutycandy.com couple days ago. Got a “This site is not authorized” Epoch then I gave up….

  • Al-san, is the site/blog in english?

  • Barako: Nope. Its like her old blog. I know…. bummer.

  • maria ozawa,aku pengen ngentot sama kamu.penisku pjg 18 cm,tapi bengkok..!!i love u maria ozawa.lutfi from indonesia

  • Waaww…….maneh…
    Gak jijikan……
    Nggilani yek

  • lol. funny name. so we have a maria ozawa male version – mario ozawo! lmao!

  • Ouw byk fanz ozawa indo tnyta,ku pun menggilaimu ozawa..slalu terbenam dlm maya menjamah bayangmu huhuw

  • please give the addres of her new blog

  • Hayang ngentot ozawa susah man… Neangan sabun kocok ku si ojah modar sia,

  • i want your pussy,maria

  • LOL come on mr. admin, i download this full video for free on a free porn web one year ago!! :D:D DOH!!

  • oz ghost, sorry man, but remember i really am working to make sure EVERY single bit of content of Maria Ozawa is on this blog, so there is a back log of content that eventually i still have to display from time to time, i try to keep the new stuff new, but sometimes i mix in the old stuff that isnt yet listed

    sorry about that

  • fullmoon shining in my imagination ………………

  • Wow,big tit.I love u Ozawa.Sudi kah kau menjdi isteriku.Muah.Muah.Ak sdg melancap.Ak selalu membayang kmu brda disisiku.Ah,ah,ah,ah

  • Aku cinta Produk Maria Ozawa ……
    krn legit rasanya kalo dihat apalagi kalo di Rasain

  • I want to test my penis upgraded by ‘mak erot’extra big and long size but strong enough,I’ve tested and a lot of girls become addictive,would you maria…?

  • maria ozawa lo dah kena penyakit hiv masih aja ngentot. karna bentar lagi u mw mati mending ngentot ama gw utk yg terakhir kalinya

  • waduh….!!! ngenah Ceunah ngewe Maneh TEh…Ueing HOyong EuY….!!!

  • Uing hoyong Ngewe ..Maneh…Ngeunah Sigana nya…!!!!! wkekekeke.wk

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