November 11, 2008

What would you like to see here?
– Nice eye candy design?
– More updates?
– Better updates?
– I’m not a writer, would you like professional writing?

I’m going to Japan and will attempt booking with Maria Ozawa exclusive sets and also for some personal interviews, so if there is any questions you’d have for her let me know.

Post your suggestions/questions in the comments area. 🙂

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  • Photos of Maria, from her early childhood to present day..

  • my name is feek… i would like to know, my friend said that maria ozawa was in Indonesia around september or october. is it true? or it’s just a rumour?? and if you see her tell her that i really-really liker her works…

  • This blog is great. Thanks to you, I was able to find and download those uncensored movies.

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    Keep up the good work. Good luck plowing some Asian snatch in Japan.

  • is Maria Ozawa is die?
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  • hi…i’m a big fan of maria too…not remember her birthday but DL lots of sweet maria pose & video…lol~~

    agreed wat Ario sais…if possible her pic early chilhood…

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  • Greetings. Please to ask miss Maria if true that she moved to Santa Monica? My friend Lac say he saw her in quiznos on sawtelle. I think he lies but if true i would like to give her my cock sandwich with sticky sause for free.

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  • I am fan to Maria Ozawa
    is true ?
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  • U.S. porn??!! F–k no. I’m from the states. You know how f–ked up our sex industry is?
    That’ll ruin her reputation.

    On topic, please consider asking Maria the kind of guy she prefers. Both appearance and personality.

  • Ok guys, everyone, I’ll do my best to get all your suggestions and questions delivered to each and every one of you 🙂

  • Sir, will you tell us here or in our e-mails?

  • Once I get the info, the interview (hopefully), and exclusive set of pics/vids of Maria I will post here on this blog, I can also email the information to everyone that posted in this thread 😉

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  • hey there is a personal ads type site called Lush. A lot of members within this site are bona-fide peoples but there is a lot of cheap Web Cam girls pretending to be Maria Ozawa. They even have Maria`s pics as their own on their profiles. They then trap unsuspecting members to their grubby sites and rip them off posing as Maria Ozawa. Lush is a respected site, as yet they haven`t got back to me about this issue. Hopefully some fans here might give the webmasters at Lush a hurry along.

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  • 2 false members on –> hime_miyabi23 & loveless09 these are their usernames on Lush. Such a shame to see Maria Ozawa`s pretty face & body used this way. Worse still, these girls are making loads of $ doing this. Is this legal?

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  • i want to have sex together with marai ozawa, could give to me email of maria ozawa?

  • i want to have sex together with marai ozawa, could you give to me email of maria ozawa?

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  • I’m looking to contact Maria in order to make a photoshoot for my book : I’m making a book about the most beautiful erotic models in the world (all in Black & white).

    Any idea of who I must contact ? manager, agency …. ?

    Shooting would take place next summer. Thank you for answering.

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