August 20, 2008

Maria Ozawa is here wearing loads of jewelry and some sort of 80’s style cute outfit, which is quickly removed exposing her nice big natural boobs and getting fucked hardcore from some Japanese guy. Maria is the hottest japanese pornstar and to watch her sucking dick and getting rammed doggystyle is just amazing to me. I love it!!! And Maria Ozawa uncensored videos are coming soon!!!!! Enjoy!


vids 1-4

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  • good video’s

  • Finally! i found and downloaded uncensored maria ozawa vids!!!
    search in bittorent

    finally saw her taking a cock with no fucking pixels!!

  • you sould find and post it ASAP

  • i crazy if not make love with maria ozawa

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  • what is the title of the video?

  • Great but i wanna video not just a goddamn pic

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  • 1. Dear Maria, I think your face is not as pretty as Holywood Stars.. let say.. Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly or even Chaterine Zeta Zone. And what you do for living (money) is so disrepect. I don’t know what’s on your mind till makes you so stupid, give your precious for everybody.
    Don’t you realize that All men who admire you, who want to die for you …. is only looking for chance to have sex with you ? Only wanting your body and sex experience with you. What a poor Maria Ozahwa. And after your skin wrinkled, and step to manapouse… there’s no body wanting an earth rubish like you at that time…. Think again what I said..!!!!!!

    Don’t you ever think to love and beloved somebody, built a family with one man..and have lovely kids in your very nice home. Mmm… It’s gonna be too late.. when so many wrinkle in ur nice body, breast and pussy… and you find empty.. no body is accepting you.

  • I am a Lady is JEALOUS, lol at the above comment.

  • Bajigur, why not click the pic and links? then you can download the vids

  • mantep gila 🙂