July 7, 2008


Maria is sitting on some boxes in a blue room wearing her flowery designed blue bikini panties and bra, she wants to remove them pretty badly as you can see as she’s biting off her bra top showing those perfectly shaped japanese boobs and then pulling on her panties showing her perfectly trimmed hairy pussy patch that we’d all love to stick our tongues into and licking every single liquid out of her inner pussy walls! So then she is absolutely naked and Maria is so comfortable, her body is like a gem.

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40 Responses

  • Let me the first to say about these pics that they are as sublime as always because they are of Maria Ozawa, the finest Goddess to ever LIVE! Maria you epitomize all that is good in the WORLD! Come to Seattle for a visit! We will shower you with LOVE of any&all kinds ;-)>…

    Love Miles Seattle, WA

  • I noticed this time that sweet Maria has no make-up on yet is still the HOTTEST thang in all of the Universe. Wow baby. We love you and THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR BEAUTY!

  • Maria Ozawa udah meninggal kk
    Busset kali dia photo bulan july 2008 tanggal 7
    boong bener
    Maria Ozawa Is Die

    She Die Because HIV/AIDS

    So It’s Bullshit


  • My gods! Maria sooo pretty!!1! I pray everyday to to smell her tight poontang. It tastes so good like a slurpee from the heaven. I will punish my manhood tonight looking at her hairfree buttocks. Later I will clean my mouse and keyboard before Pham or auntie finds out. Maria be my wife forever!

  • Maria i love you so much… wish you can be mine… wish i can be yours… you are my dreamwoman… i love you so much. from Turkey…

  • miyabi is always make me horny, in caused me on onani, want cum in her pussy….. 😀

  • can i have sex with you

  • hmmm.,,,,, ur beatifull and ur ass is big and my cock wants to fight ur ass

  • your pubic hair is growing to much maria, you must decrease it

  • I very very like maria ozawa….if I have much money I wan sarch you…or we will war with japan for bodage you…….

  • hmm..she is not die you know..maria ozawa is fine..jgn ngmng yg enggak2 ya!

  • who said that ozawa was died ????

    youa are wrong, ozawa still a life. she always ready to fuck in her new movies ….

  • Maria tu ok lho bodynya,pst byk ce yg kepingin kayak gitu.Abaut mati/kgnya ya mending doain yg bae2 aja,kan qta2 jg yg liat
    apalagi tmn2 gw suka bgt sama dia

    percaya saja kata cewesexi

  • Doain aza yg baek2 dey,khan qta2 juga yg liat,byk ce yg kepingin body gitu

  • not dead, that dude is full of horse shit

  • wow

  • hi…i am big fan of you….every time i see you video…my mind goes out of control….i only want to fuck you….and so hard….

  • boonk deh loe

  • Maria is a very pretty girls, i can’t imagine if i laid on top of her, or licking her fucking hairy pussy and she start suck my big big dik………….wowow sooooooo amazing to have sex with her even only for 1 time

  • Gua doain byar dia mati, Alhamdulillah kl mtnya kna srangan jantung.

  • Hidup Hupla!!

  • Lon dep qua!

  • gayo toto

  • cewe sexy ini masi idup tau!!! jgn omong yg enga enga loe!!!

  • Dear Maria, I think your face is not as pretty as Holywood Stars.. let say.. Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly or even Chaterine Zeta Zone. And what you do for living (money) is so disrepect. I don’t know what’s on your mind till makes you so stupid, give your precious for everybody.

    Don’t you realize that All men who admire you, who want to die for you …. is only looking for chance to have sex with you ? Only wanting your body and sex experience with you. What a poor Maria Ozahwa. And after your skin wrinkled, and step to manapouse… there’s no body wanting an earth rubish like you at that time…. Think again what I said..!!!!!!

  • I would like to smell and to eat that incredible ass!!!

  • miyabi is always make me horny, in caused me on onani, want cum in her pussy…..

  • yes, i horny to

  • i like miyabi body.she so sexy

  • Maria, you so beuty and very fress. I hope this year will meet you in my home….

  • you are so stupid to exhibit your body for everyone. you never think that you will be forgotten by everyone after you have become old… Remember it..!

  • you so great

  • You don’t realize that you will be forgotten after you have become very old…
    Why do you like to exhibit your body for everyone in the world…
    I know you are so beautiful now .. but ..after year by year ..everything will be changed.. also your body…Enjoy your life…ye

  • ;_)

  • Maria Ozawa …. Realy such a nice and very cute girl. I like her sooooooooooooo much . If she give me a chance to marry i’ll be done at the same time. mmmmmmmmuah