May 20, 2007


Maria Ozawa was live on this japanese radio show promoting the Dasdas Special AV models event a while back. Her along with a few other hot sexy japanese av models were on the show teasing and looking totally hot and sexy in their panties and being so cute, great promo for that Dasdas event. Those girls are perfect spokespersons to bring in fans quickly, especially our favorite Maria Ozawa!!!!! hehe.

16 Responses

  • she’s so HOT
    she’s angel

    if i have a chance

    i wanna MAKiNG LOVE with HER


  • I like Maria very much I dream to her many times Rrrr

  • maria ozawa…seeing you like this, i feel like you’ve wasted your God given beauty into something quite immoral. You could have become something much more than the woman you are now. i know that you’re intelligent, but why become a freakin “PORNSTAR” instead of becoming an inspiration to others, you corrupt their weak mind instead. I hope that you could still find the right way before it’s too late. God Bless!

  • when miyabi go to indonesia

  • If I would fuck her I wouldn’t stop maybe cupple of monthsssss. she makes me fuckin’ cum all over my bed…

  • iangene… “You’ve wasted your Dog given beauty into something immoral”. WTF! Do you even speak FUCKING ENGLISH your fuck-faced piece of XTIAN DOG SHIT. SHUT THE FUCK UP with your assfucking, BRAINWASHING CULT you tiny pricked piece of HORSESHIT. Religion is for ignorant cocksucking motherfuckers like you. That dumb little fucker jesus’ mother was a fucking whore who took it up the ass from the KING OF ALL: SATAN. The ruler of all that is real and good. Shitheads like you should be pounded up the ass with a crucifix until you renounce your religion… FUCK YOU

  • Marias should do a double penetration gangbang with older black men – about 20 guys should do, all holes filled simultaneously. Video should last about 20 minutes per scene and have 5 such mass gangbangs in it each time with a different gang. She needs a solid hard fuck and to be cummed all over after each session. Now that is something she really needs to do.

  • fuck mitabi i love you to death…. sayu nara miyabi

  • let me fuck you

  • I very like maria ozawa,.she prety n make me dream about Ohok,.ohok,.. ^_^

  • why?you are very very beautyful.i dont understand