October 6, 2015

Maria Ozawa has been quite popular in the news recently, especially in the Philippines. She was supposed to star in a horror action film called “Nilalang” starring famous actor Robin Padilla.

June 23, 2015 – Maria Ozawa explains why she left the adult porn industry. link

June 23, 2015 – Maria Ozawa to star in MMFF entry ‘Nilalang’ with Robin Padilla. link

Then, 10 days before the shooting of this movie to begin, Robin Padilla backed out and decided against participating in the movie. Maria Ozawa called Mr. Padilla “unprofessional” (and in all fairness I’d have to agree with her about this)

Aug 12, 2015 – Maria Ozawa calls Robin Padilla ‘unprofessional’. link

Then following this drama, was another drama, from Robin Padilla’s wife Mariel Rodriguez, sadly having a miscarriage and this became some kind of intertwined drame including Maria Ozawa in the media.

Aug 14, 2015 – Maria Ozawa, nadamay sa bagong miscarriage ni Mariel Rodriguez. link

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