October 19, 2011

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Club Tora Noana in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan is featuring Maria Ozawa very soon as a featured girl. Here are some pictures to get your blood flowing and to help you get your flights bought to Tokyo to go see her. It’s very difficult I heard though, there are requirements you must meet before being able to go into these kinds of japanese clubs. For examples, most foreigners are not allowed (sad). This show is high quality and erotic presented and produced by Takanori Akagi. Toranoana is a delivery health club. This show is called “Diamond Tiger Maria Ozawa and Aoyama”. If you can speak japanese language then you can call for reserverations and inquiries to 03-5428-4744. More info can be found here.

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5 Responses

  • Hi Maria!,i think u very great.i love u so much…

  • waaaaaaaaaauuuuoooowwww hot,,,,,,,,yes.

  • hello ..admin..can i ask your question..It is true maria ozawa stop acting av ..please let me know..Because ..To me..it is good when maria stop this disgusting acting ..

  • Hi “Love Miyabi” I’m sorry but Maria Ozawa is still performing in the japanese porn and av idols scene. If you don’t like girls like her then I suggest you checkout actual japanese “idols” girls, these girls wear bikinis, non nude, teasing attire and don’t have full hardcore sex like Miyabi does.