August 12, 2011

Here are the most recent Maria Ozawa cute non nude, personal photos.

7 Responses

  • Yu are my dream. Loveu

  • wich could laid with this angle once in my life. shes lovely..

  • i want to u stop ur sex actifity..
    i am afraid if u have HIV aids..

    do no let all ur family leave u again..
    oke ??

  • rifki, hey man i think you have good heart and good intentions but really, if you know the japanese porn industry is pretty safe about spreading of HIV…. they have checkups always, otherwise use condoms (as you can see in most of Maria Ozawa’s sex videos)
    So relax man, she’ll be just fine, and she’ll continue to be SUPER HOTTIE until the day we all die 🙂

    Rock on miss Maria Ozawa! We LOVE you!!!!!

  • maria your so pretty and sexy..
    i admit i want to have sex with you..
    can you be my first sex??
    filipino are good in bed..i promise to satisfy you til the last breath..

  • First you english is nearly flawless, i was very impressed by how you responded to eatch question. I too, have thought about marrige and starting a family like your self i am in my mid twenties and share the idea of creating a family at 28 or 30. I doubt this will reach you but if it does id be more then delighted to chat some day. I would have attempted to contact you ealier but the truth is i was afraid you wont under stand my expressions when i wrote in English. I stuided Japnese for a short time cho muskashi! Lol Korean is harder tho. I only know two words lol..

    I am 5’6 well built with a little buyo buyo
    Leo, O+
    Brown hair and eyes
    i don’t get along with my mother either.

  • I know this is a long shot but… I would love to please you in a video (for free). I have 9 piercing on my cock (2x didoes, 6x ladder, 1x apadravya) plus another 11 across my body to include a tongue ring that vibrates. I am a 32 y/o white, athletic male with brown hair and blue eyes. I can send pictures upon request.