September 2, 2010

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Maria Ozawa forcefully stimulated as she is tied to a chair. This is some really kinky japanese bondage type of stuff. Her pussy is getting so wet and she’s screaming and moaning so much it is bound to make all of our wieners pop straight up with strong hard-ons! hahahaa!

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  • Maria………..i want to have sex with you


  • admin, are you ever going to set up an interview wiith maria?? or have sex with her?? tell me

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  • Hey Admin, I got a request for the new post. (BTW i am a fan of your simple, clean website…and god I love maria ozawa)

    Can you please give us more details about yourself? How you first fell in love with Maria, do you have a girlfriend, what you like about Maria in your next post ? And a little bit about yourself? (Doesnt have to be a lot really) I’m only curious!

  • Ok, while u’re doing your fan request post,

    I wanted to share …

    I first saw maria….she was undressing on a beautiful island….she was wearing pink. one of her earlier videos.
    then i saw that beautiful face and body of hers..I started getting a big hard on…started jerking off…never came so hard in my life.

    I even broke up with my girlfriend because I couldn’t stop wanking off to maria ozawa’s hot pictures…..she found my big collection of maria ozawa videos….and she got so mad.

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  • admin, are u not updating anymore? i realized youre making new websites..sora aoi, etc…………… but no one is as good as maria. what happened? update us

  • what happened?? where r u

  • We miss you. are you still a maria fan???

  • Heyyyy so sorry for late reply “Maria Ozawa fan”….

    I don’t really remember when I first seen Maria Ozawa vids and pics, but, I can tell you this….


    Me and you have something in common, my thai ex girlfriend would walk in and find me engulfed in vids/pics of Maria and she’d get absolutely completely jealous of Maria, and would say if she had enough money she would buy nuclear bombs to blow up Japan because of Maria Ozawa hahahahhaa!!! That’s how amazingly jealous my ex-gf got!!!


    Anyways, guys, sorry for the lack of updates, I’m back home now from my travels across Asia and I will get busy finding new and up to date Maria Ozawa pics and vids for you (and me too of course) 🙂

    more to cum…….

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