March 1, 2010

Bukkake TV has tons more really nasty bukkake, peeing, etc videos of Maria Ozawa


Sexy japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa is totally naked and chilling on a matress, her boobs are so nice and she’s looking SO fucking hot, but then 2 japanese dudes come over with a bladder full of piss and begin urinating all over Maria’s sweet face and inside her mouth, it’s drenching her face. It’s a pretty sloppy and nasty piss fest on the face of our favorite av star, not sure if I personally like this, actually, I dont like at all, how do you feel when watching these vids? Ugghhhh Maria why you have to do this!!!!!

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10 Responses

  • If Maria Ozawa was that famous specially in Japan, she is also very well known here in China. why does she have to allow that to herself to be pissed in the face. How much was that worth Maria a Million? is it in US dollars? She could make millions with out doing that! Since she has fame already a few mainstream pop show in China will surpass what is that pissed in the face is worth. is she dumb? was she under the Yakuza? Why the fuck is she doing this. with a face like that? This is not enjoyfull.

  • Isn’t that an old video? but I totally agree with you that this is NOT hot at all… Please no more piss on your face type of porn Maria.. It’s not a turn on and only makes me want to punch those 2 guys out for ya…

  • yeah. fuck this. why she have to do this. that other vid where she was tied in the toilet is also insane.

  • oh yeah

  • can i buy D.V.D
    maria ozawa. how can i do it

  • Miyabi


  • من شاش و گه اونو دوست دارم

  • i am horny asu

  • Guys, if a nasty girl lets dudes piss in her face, what’s hot about that? It’s only shocking or sexy if a hot girl like Maria does nasty shit like this. She’s done all kinds of crap, that makes her unique among hot pornstars who normally do nothing but lay on their backs.