October 15, 2009

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Ok guys, not sure if you’ll dig this shit or not, but Maria Ozawa is now allowing some japanese fucker to piss in her sweet mouth, she’s buck naked showing her hot ass tits and then takes a gallon of warm pee into her mouth, it’s dripping all over her chin and her nice ass boobs

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35 Responses

  • wow!!i want fuck u maria!!

  • No, maria, no! How you let him pee on you? What next, you let him wipe his boogers on your face? I don’t want to be thinking of you when I smell the stinky urinal at work. Who am I kidding? Even if you stinked from a mexican shitting all over you i would still be making passionate love to your sweet buttocks. there is pre-cum on my sweats now thinking about it.

  • Good action Maria, I very like u action. You can do more hard. When you come in Mexico? Your name is very popular in Mexico city.

  • yeah, very sexy baby, i wanna do coli with this, more and more piss & cum in your face maria…yeah, so nice & seksehhh

  • I hope Maria will be going into movies. Would like to see her acting instead of this.

  • waw…waw….waw… 😮

  • i did before u 😉 n not only that 😉 try more bebe !

  • What is this movie? What is it its name?

  • Don’t hate the site Marai Ozawa because it is better than yours.At least movies are there for free with free links and unlike yours are downloadable in its entirety. Got nearly all of her movies there.Only missing around 12 of them
    Also, before you, there were other Maria sites too, so don’t try to condescend the idea that you are the original master idea man for this.We can all coexist but let the people decide who is better.I give them free content and at least 2 times weekly updates.Always have the latest movies for FREE also.Got interactive polls. Anyway, i am doing it for free and pure pleasure and am gunning for neither recognition nor fame here.By the way , thanks for visiting my site

  • Friend…you are taking this Maria business way too serious..way way.I am a hobby fan site.You travel to where and for what reason , and happens to be For maria..good for you.Did not badmouth your site.Pointed out a fact.About what i use, no torrents.Strainght donwloadable links.Host and so on, who cares.I don’t charge and do not make money from this.Pure fun and share a common subject with other people who are interested.You happen to post money monging sites to see complete movies..again your business but as i said before…your business.You had the wallpaper idea, good for you..very good.So what.Want a medal? What sites were before you, oh i don’t know.Google it and you will see.Don’t get jealous and do not hate the competiton.This is for fun for me and if you want me to say your site is best, i can let the baby have his bottle anyday, if you know what i mean but i think people are not blind to spot the difference.Let’s bury the hatchet dude.Don’t take this Maria business too serious as i said(by the looks of it you might be getting an over infatuation with the gal to travel here and there to get info.My advice seek help..no malice intended) As for Maria Ozawa again a fun site run by a normal down to earth cool person who bares no illwill towards no one

  • I’ve seen this movie couple moths ago..

  • i love you maria ozawa….miyabii,muaaah

  • fuck you

  • I hope You Tobat yaa

  • is it all 4 money or is it becuz u like dat shit .i can help u make top dolla wit out getn treated like a toilet . u shOuld be Treated like a Queen. seeing u Get piss on its sad i dont wanna be a fan anymore u look cheap now

  • wtf! u re stupid! animals may also not want to do somethin’ like that! if you wanna much money but dont u do like that. its disgusting! wahta a poor bitch

  • Yeah, its kinda sad. Seeing maria ozawa pee like dat. U let that assh0le pee 0n ur face, instead of g0ing p0rn, y n0t be c0ntended being a m0del. I guest its all 4 m0ney. H0w sad.

  • Everythng can buy n0wadays, even that angelic face….

  • gemblung lah..tobat se ngapa

  • miyabi.. did you have wide vagina?

  • This is insane…I wanna cut that guy’s dick! How can he did that to Maria?

  • Beware of 2012, Mariya Ozawa. Even you, world will be shaken. I hope you are still live and have chances doing goods

  • wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i like you tits maria

  • mana video maria ozawa nya

  • maria ozawa ??? fuck you…

  • maria..
    i wanna fuck u!!

  • u crazy ,,

  • u make me horney

  • tara baca punya org…..

  • miyabi cumbu yuk !!

  • wowww i like that…if can’t i want to fuck you maria like that…

  • Overfiend, yo dude are you smoking crack nigga? Get off it man, bad for you

    Rock on Maria Ozawa!!!!

  • It’s not real pee. It’s apple juice!

  • Apple Juice? hmmmmm look at it coming out of that pee pee hole though, it looks totally real, i still think it’s real pee in Maria Ozawa’s pretty face