September 25, 2009

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Hottest japanese girl in the world Maria Ozawa is wearing her gold bikini lingerie and hanging out near her cool globe thing. She’s pulling aside the top of the bikini showing her big boobs that just jump right out, she’s laying on the floor against a wooden chest, moving around, posing and showing off a side view of her hot tits and and ass. Maria Ozawa is the hottest japanese pornstar in the world by FAR and is quite possibly the hottest girl in the world! Keep rockin on Maria!!!

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15 Responses

  • Hi Maria, I listen in October you will come in Indonesia. I hope you sleep in my home or apartment and I ready to bring Maria to traveling in around Indonesia. And we ML in a day.

  • i hope you do not come in my country( Indonesia)

  • Dear Maria, I hope you come on my PENIS. it not so big but I know how to shuv it in your tight places. stay away from indonesia. It much safer and more sexy in Monterey Park. I take you to get boba and strawberry crepe and then we fuck so hard we wake up my granma upstair. Maria you are best!

  • everybody just suck !!!
    miyabi is pretty girl,…
    and you are welcome to indonesia..
    enjoy jakarta


  • Maria welcome to Indonesia.
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    The Kuburan Band From Indonesia band has been preparing the song arrival Miyabi Special to Indonesia with the title Mariaku – Mariamu too. A song is fresh and funny, tribute to Maria ozawa. Want to hear it?

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  • I want to get her pregnant.

  • maria…. i hope you will come to my home n lets fuck, n kiss my penis

  • bulu pnje

  • good luck i hope you come back to indonesia and bring me one kissing

  • We love u miyabi, come to Indonesia please.. / and i will say to FPI in indonesian language : lebih baik menyambut miyabi daripada melihat wajah-wajah kambing berjenggot seperti kalian !!!

  • Bila datang indonesia meh singgah ke malaysia.Kat malaysia pun ramai peminat.Berapa harga sekali main?

  • I really love uuuuuuuu….

  • Maria Ozawa..i’m am your first top fan..when you do penis grow larger soooo fast..i’m hope i can fuck with you..see me at Malaysia..and then we can fucking!!!