January 28, 2009

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Sexy ass Maria Ozawa is wearing her sexy black thong panties and her cute lace bra. Her body is ROCKING like a fucking rock concert! Her ass is perfect, her boobs are beautiful and natural and big! She’s 100% all natural, these are some of her newest pictures of Maria. She unbuttons her sexy lace bra and reveals those perfect japanese boobies then sits in a chair and spreads open her legs just enough to get you (and me) a large rock hard boner! Who is the sexiest japanese av model in the world? Maria Ozawa is that is FOR SURE!

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37 Responses

  • damn it maria! why are you so hot! i know u r reading this blog coz this is the only coolest fansite in the web. hope u can leave a comment here. ๐Ÿ™‚ if i have a genie i would wish for you to have a one night w/ me, just one night is enough. hehe. you rock maria! keep us ur fans happy!

  • *Still waits for interview results*

    That aside, I noticed this website is the number one blog thats features Maria. Google her name and this blog is first.

    Well Wikipedia is really at the top but that site is not a personal blog.

  • Talking about Maria Ozawa, there is no ending. Her beauty, her eyes, her lips, her nose, her hair, her body. They makes Maria become one of beautiful women in the world. Keep going Maria.

  • Maria Ozawa is out of this world!

  • Hi Maria
    Im wondering if I can see you naked in outdoor ex:forest,beach playing with nature..Hmm it would be hot n spicy ๐Ÿ˜› (in my wildest imagination).

  • maria ozawa please have some respect for yourself and stop doing porn.. ๐Ÿ™ if money is a big problem with you i can take care of that for you. these men you are with are pigs and want nothing else but to have sex with you.. ๐Ÿ™
    unfortunately you dont know me and we have never met before but i wish your life could have gone on a different direction. i just hope you would stop doing what you are doing because a girl like you is very rare in this world. from what i see…i dont think you know how precious you are.. hope you change your life around and may we enjoy the rest of the days of our lives..

  • damn you,,,
    you’re bitch

  • a fuller set with a few more pics

    killer body… killer looks..


  • a fantastic body..I would like to paint you and you are a timelos picture like Venus or Mona Lisa.
    Are you interested?

  • Like Mr. magold says, I too would like to be painting your picture Maria. I will paint it with my pre-cum that you always give me when i see your perfect face and body. I will save my regular cum for you to swallow, hopefully. But I know I am only joking with myself. We will never meet, you and I. All I can do is rub my private parts and make my keyboard more stickier looking at you on computer. I will be dreaming of you tonight during my shift at Arby’s. I love you always Maria.

  • LOL!!!!!!

    February 14 is coming. Let’s all have a date with Maria in our computer. Prepare your energy Maria! Here we are!


  • I think Maria has a hot date on feb. 14!!!!! lucky lucky guy, gets to take her out to dinner and stuff. :] :]

  • Hey guys, do you think she looks sexier with a tan or more fair?

    personally she can pull off BOTH really well…what do u guys think?

    to the admin: I think you should start a poll on the site, that would be cool.

  • Maria Fan, i agree, i will figure out how to post a poll soon, i’ll research it today ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the suggestion

    Also, it’s VERY difficult to say what i like whiter, or tanner skinned maria, BUT i must say, this new set of her, she’s looking the BEST i’ve ever seen her look in my life

  • I put up a poll in my shorts everytime I see Maria. But seriously, I like to see Maria with a medium tan (not too dark!) so that she has nice white tan lines. They help me focus in on her delicate areas. As for her valentines day, I am hoping her night will be very romantic and sexy. I know I will be dreaming about what she’s doing while I spend my valentines day watching Paul Blart Mall Cop with my Nana.

  • oh yeah one last thing I forgot to say thanks to the admin for a great site we all LOVE it…..love connecting with other maria fans …maria………drool……

  • Yo Maria Fan, thanks a lot man ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m a MO super fan just like you are, so I’m constantly looking for more of her stuff to add, and I’ve recently been looking for more UNIQUE stuff to add, I’m wanting and trying to connect Maria with her fans, she’d probably love most of you/us ๐Ÿ™‚ (except for those that always talk shit saying she’s bad for doing porn, yet they are here on this site looking for porn, hypocrites!!!)

  • grettings from South America, Maria, everyone says that you are great and i wouldnยดt say something different. You really look very good, pretty and nasty at the same time.

    By the way, i have a question for you. Do you use drugs? is Just a question, i wont criticise


  • maria i want your boobies….. i want to put my dick in to your sweet sweet pussy and f.ck you very hard … when you spread your legs and smile my dick becomes very big

  • I want to sex you maria try me i have a big bird

  • fuc’k all~

  • your vabina and penis long for WC

  • mantap memek nye rapet euy……

    mao donk

  • ngentot LOE semua………………………

    doyan nYe nonton doank


  • da yg mau ngentot ma gw

    nih gw kasih tau alamat gw

    jl.taman lawang…
    in indonesia….

    for sale 100%

  • memek2 nye masih pada seger2 euy…..

    da yg mau di bandung dateng aja …….

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  • i love you maria!!!!!!!!!

  • tang ina mo alvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wag kang maniwala parang stick lng yan kalaki!!!!!!!!!

  • I bet she smells good.

  • Yo guys, I found more on this set, and added them, enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • let’s have some fun?? you’re so hot !! i love you !!

  • wew toked maria kaya toked.a tasya trisma dan salsa mereka tu mantan gw dan gw dah prenah nyolong BH mereka dan target selanjut.a adalah SHELLY ILA dan toked.a lumayan dan uda pake BH gw mo pacarin dia,dientot,ambi bh.a dan dibuang