October 31, 2007


Beautiful ass Maria Ozawa is wearing nothing but her tiny little lace panties and bra, just lounging around on her uncomfortable looking plasticy couch hehe. She quickly removes her sexy bra and panties and is just chillin there buck naked revealing yet again, her beautiful bush and her PERFECT titties! What a beauty this girl is, thumbs up to you Maria!!!!

October 16, 2007

sorry guys, the pics arent 100% fixed in this set yet, they will be fixed soon 🙂


Maria is so sexy showering in her wet lingerie, her tits are looking extraordinarily bombastic, so fucking hot, all soaking wet, this is a perfect 10 face and body buck naked, in see thru lingerie. She then sits down, all wet with her wet panties soaking up her pussy juices, you can see her cute Japanese bush thru her see thru panties. Maria Ozawa, oh how I love thee! This hottie makes me say “got DAMN!” everytime I see any picture or video of her. So so so so incredibly hot!!!

October 9, 2007


Here is Maria Ozawa in her more conservative look, wearing her sexy white miniskirt and very “republican” type shirt blouse thing, still looking totally beautiful and working her fine ass off on the computer, or probably chatting with 1 of her beloved fans, maybe chatting with YOU!?!?!! Well she’s sexy nonetheless, and even gives us a little nip slip nipple peak and starts ripping off her nylons and rubbing her pussy thru her panties at the very end 🙂 We likey likey!

September 28, 2007


Here is Maria Ozawa laying down on a leather couch, beginning the series chilling there in her cute yet plain white bra and panties. She begins to pull down her bra exposing her right nipple and tits and then she starts getting a little comfortable and begins pulling on her cute white panties, pulling and yanking til her panties are around her ankles. Buck naked she is!!! Then her naked sexy friend joins her and they hug and be cute together, two hot japanese girls buck naked, so HOT!

September 23, 2007


Maria is in her white and blue panties while hanging out on this very ugly and uncomfortable looking yellow couch (lol you know you were thinkin it too!!!!). She starts slowly unbuttoning her bra and then removes it completely exposing and uncensoring her beautiful tits. Then she teases like she’s going to remove her panties, ohhh she doesnt….wait, she’s pulling….ok YES she does remove them! mmmmm we wanna eat that Maria Ozawa!!! Now she’s just chillin buck naked on the yellow sofa, so hot, so naked, so tasty!

September 17, 2007


Maria is psychedelic in this set with the background spinning and Miyabi just chillin there staying the same unmoving hot japanese girl she is. Then she decides to put a sexy show for you and pulling off her tiny panties and pulling up her cute lace bra uncensored her perfect tits nude. Maria is truely sensational!

September 12, 2007


Cuz it’s Maria the Sailor hottie!!! Here Maria is wearing her little schoolgirl sailor uniform, with necktie and kneehigh socks. She isnt wearning it for long, before you know it she’s stripping off her white panties and her navy blue miniskirt to expose her perfect naked asian body. Maria!!! omg!

June 30, 2007


Maria wakes up, puts on her schoolgirl uniform and goes to school, but only naughty things are running through her head, she’s thinking things like “I cant wait til class is finished so I can run into the nearby woods and take some naked photos for my fans” and things like “I want to have a naked picnic”, gotta love that mind of hers hehe. Maria is so hot, and obviously, and truely a naughty girl, so click the photos and enjoy her tight body and her flawless and perfect tits and ass.

June 25, 2007


Maria is in some totally white room buck naked, or getting buck naked, slowly removing her white panties. Her top is already mysteriously missing hehe. She is totally smothered up in some wet, slippery, gooey, slimey, oily shit, rubbing it all over her sexy fine ass half Japanese body. This girl is more and more amazing every single got damn day!!!

May 27, 2007


Here is Maria Ozawa at her finest. in the toilet, her hair beautifully slicked to the side, stripping to naked wearing her panties and sexy thigh highs / stockings. She then exposed her beautifully shaped titties and giving us that “fuck me” look. And then she makes us “boing” even harder when she flips around and puts that flawless sexy ass up in the air, oh my god she is an 11 on a 10 scale easily! She doesnt hold back as she finishes her teases ends up pantyless and topless in the total NUDE! Hope you’ll love these 🙂

May 20, 2007


Maria Ozawa was live on this japanese radio show promoting the Dasdas Special AV models event a while back. Her along with a few other hot sexy japanese av models were on the show teasing and looking totally hot and sexy in their panties and being so cute, great promo for that Dasdas event. Those girls are perfect spokespersons to bring in fans quickly, especially our favorite Maria Ozawa!!!!! hehe.

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