December 2, 2007


Maria Ozawa is looking so sexy as she is walking home from the office, wearing her pretty white sweater, her sexy tight black miniskirt and her fucking HOT tall black boots. She teases in the street lifting up her sweater showing us her hot tits and white bra. Then she gets back to her hotel room, and lays in bed, boots and all, looking so hot and looking at us as if she is going to show us more! Do you think she will show us her lovely boobies that we all want to suck on? Or will she be conservative for today? Only time will tell, part 2 of this set is coming soon 🙂

October 9, 2007


Here is Maria Ozawa in her more conservative look, wearing her sexy white miniskirt and very “republican” type shirt blouse thing, still looking totally beautiful and working her fine ass off on the computer, or probably chatting with 1 of her beloved fans, maybe chatting with YOU!?!?!! Well she’s sexy nonetheless, and even gives us a little nip slip nipple peak and starts ripping off her nylons and rubbing her pussy thru her panties at the very end 🙂 We likey likey!

September 12, 2007


Cuz it’s Maria the Sailor hottie!!! Here Maria is wearing her little schoolgirl sailor uniform, with necktie and kneehigh socks. She isnt wearning it for long, before you know it she’s stripping off her white panties and her navy blue miniskirt to expose her perfect naked asian body. Maria!!! omg!

September 3, 2007


Maria is so sexy wearing only black, but mostly wearing almost nothing at all hehe. Black stockings, tiny tiny little black miniskirt and black thong panties and bra. She is almost appearing as to being a dominatrix hottie in this set. O Maria Maria……..she reminds me of the west side story!!!!!

July 9, 2007


Here is Maria just hanging around the parking lot with her cut black hat. She’s not showing her bare sexy body but she is showing us that she probably has a cute personality and seems a bit chipper and cute, especially on this bright sunny day. Maria, we bow to you!!!! So cute!

June 16, 2007


Do you love Maria Ozawa? Do you love schoolgirls? Well, if you answered yes to either 1 of those questions then you are loving this set. Sexy hot Japanese French AV model Maria Ozawa begins as she returns home from her school classes, wearing her short plad skirt schoolgirl uniform, she must’ve gotten hot or something because she slowly takes everything off, nakedly exposing her perfect breasts and her somewhat tight hairy pussy. I love naked Maria Ozawa and I’m sure you do aswell hehe!

June 3, 2007


Maria Ozawa not only looks great and gives everyone eye candy 24 / 7 / 365, but she also holds down a part time job in an office, she’s the hot secretary in the tight miniskirt that everyone wants to fuck lol. Here she is doing some of her daily duties and teasing us at the same time, she’s great at multitasking hehe. Last pic check her teasing nipple tease mmmmmmmm I like!!!!

May 14, 2007

Nothing major, just the cutest girl in the world, Maria Ozawa, sitting on the bed, eating her little japanese snack cup thingy. She’s in her sexy short zebra miniskirt looking cute as she always does, although today she is looking absolutely beautiful, couldnt you just stare at her face for hours???? I know I could. THEN she slowly removes her panties and her top and is getting buck naked

May 14, 2007

Maria is not only a sexy japanese av model, with the perfect smile, the sexiest face, body, ass, and tits, and the sweetest total package I have ever seen on a female in my entire life…..BUT, she is also a caregiver! She knows how to take care of her sick fans, looking all sexy in her all white nurse’s uniform. Doesnt it just make you yearn, and cough, and puke and get totally totally SICK!!! ahhh shit…………….NURSE MARIA!!!! I need my eye candy…..mmmm…..I mean, I need my medication 😛

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