November 7, 2008

Wow, how cute is that? Maria Ozawa thanking her fans for loving her, being a fan of her, and watching her sexy japanese porno vids, what a sweetheart she is!

July 21, 2008


Sexy ass Maria Ozawa is at it again, this time she’s stripping her sexy body nude on the kitchen counter. Her sexy shiny bikini is glimmering off the lights, as she strips it all off, her tits are perfectly shaped her nipples so perky and pointy ready to be sucked. Her hairy bush teasing out of her legs so hot as her sexy ass sits on the kitchen counter. I’d love to go in and make me a tuna sandwich right after these photos were taken hehe.

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April 2, 2008


Maria Ozawa wearing nothing but her sheer white see through lingerie robe is chilling in her bedroom, teasing with her nipples showing through her robe, then pulling it to the side a bit so we can see her perfect boobs, then she removes her panties and shows her sexy bush, I love how Japan girls dont shave their pussy bush, I like it exactly how Maria has it, it’s a true “muff”! Then full naked she lays on the bed upside down waiting for you to insert your small penis in her watering mouth. Yummy! She so fine! She be chillin’ more at JSex Network and Jav Idols 69 and Japan Legs

February 8, 2008


Here is our Maria Ozawa chillin in her friends car while she is totally naked, looking extremely beautiful, sexy. It still amazes me how a human creation can turn out to be as sexy and beautiful as Maria, if you can name a girl that looks anywhere near as good as Maria Ozawa, Miyabi, then please please let me know hehe. Just look at her face, those boobs, and especially that tight hairy japanese pussy she’s got down there. Absolutely lovely! You will find quite a bit more Maria Ozawa pictures, and vids, hardcore, here at the Japan Sex Network

December 5, 2007


Here is the ending of the “Maria in hotel room, sweater, skirt and boots”, this is where things begin to heat up. Maria has her white sweater hiked up quite a bit, showing her undrerboob, then slowly coming up a bit more to reveal her perfect nipples, while all this time she is rubbing her pussy through her lovely white panties. After she finishes masturbating on her hotel room bed, she strips naked, slowly removing her bra and panties and while she is naked puts on a white robe to prepare for a nice hot shower! What a day! What-fucking-day!!!!!

December 2, 2007


Maria Ozawa is looking so sexy as she is walking home from the office, wearing her pretty white sweater, her sexy tight black miniskirt and her fucking HOT tall black boots. She teases in the street lifting up her sweater showing us her hot tits and white bra. Then she gets back to her hotel room, and lays in bed, boots and all, looking so hot and looking at us as if she is going to show us more! Do you think she will show us her lovely boobies that we all want to suck on? Or will she be conservative for today? Only time will tell, part 2 of this set is coming soon 🙂

November 18, 2007


Maria Ozawa in herself pics and personal pics. She’s so cute, what an awesome personality she has, such creativity and so cute. Maria is still teasing and seductive even at home away from the studio. Her everyday life must be so hectic with 100 dudes coming up to her hitting on her daily, if I was her I’d be a total WHORE! These are the pics displaying her daily lifestyle, her cuteness, and fun personality. So dont forget to visit the Maria Ozawa official site here to see a LOT more of this beautiful Japanese AV model in full perspective. (her official blog is written in all Japanese unfortunately)

October 31, 2007


Beautiful ass Maria Ozawa is wearing nothing but her tiny little lace panties and bra, just lounging around on her uncomfortable looking plasticy couch hehe. She quickly removes her sexy bra and panties and is just chillin there buck naked revealing yet again, her beautiful bush and her PERFECT titties! What a beauty this girl is, thumbs up to you Maria!!!!

September 23, 2007


Maria is in her white and blue panties while hanging out on this very ugly and uncomfortable looking yellow couch (lol you know you were thinkin it too!!!!). She starts slowly unbuttoning her bra and then removes it completely exposing and uncensoring her beautiful tits. Then she teases like she’s going to remove her panties, ohhh she doesnt….wait, she’s pulling….ok YES she does remove them! mmmmm we wanna eat that Maria Ozawa!!! Now she’s just chillin buck naked on the yellow sofa, so hot, so naked, so tasty!

September 17, 2007


Maria is psychedelic in this set with the background spinning and Miyabi just chillin there staying the same unmoving hot japanese girl she is. Then she decides to put a sexy show for you and pulling off her tiny panties and pulling up her cute lace bra uncensored her perfect tits nude. Maria is truely sensational!

August 28, 2007


Maria is here lounging around in her back yard wearing her sexy skimpy bikini, it’s tan with little beads, so sexy on her (but isnt everything????). She’s on the picnic table, relaxing on the hammock, on the bicycle, and even on the fence lol, Maria, you can do anything you want girl you are extremely hot at it all!!!!!

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