August 5, 2008

FYI: Part 2 coming August 7th :)


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August 4, 2008


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July 26, 2008

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July 21, 2008


Sexy ass Maria Ozawa is at it again, this time she’s stripping her sexy body nude on the kitchen counter. Her sexy shiny bikini is glimmering off the lights, as she strips it all off, her tits are perfectly shaped her nipples so perky and pointy ready to be sucked. Her hairy bush teasing out of her legs so hot as her sexy ass sits on the kitchen counter. I’d love to go in and make me a tuna sandwich right after these photos were taken hehe.

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July 7, 2008


Maria is sitting on some boxes in a blue room wearing her flowery designed blue bikini panties and bra, she wants to remove them pretty badly as you can see as she’s biting off her bra top showing those perfectly shaped japanese boobs and then pulling on her panties showing her perfectly trimmed hairy pussy patch that we’d all love to stick our tongues into and licking every single liquid out of her inner pussy walls! So then she is absolutely naked and Maria is so comfortable, her body is like a gem.

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July 1, 2008


Maria Ozawa is featuring at a Japanese strip club in July 11 – July 20th, if you happen to be in Tokyo around that time be sure to stop by and see her!!! Meet her!!! Pics with her!!!

June 19, 2008


Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi Ozawa is posing here in her long black body stocking showing off her super sexy body, perfect milky colored smooth boobs and her hairy japanese pussy. Maria does it again, looking so so fine, not a flaw on her wonderful sexy white body. She gets bored only showing you her body through the body stocking so then she begins to remove the stocking so you can get a better look at her soft silky smooth japanese skin and her fine ass pussy hairs and beautiful smile, Maria Ozawa, I will be the first to admit today that I’m going to blow many loads to you tonight when my parents go to sleep!!!! GORGEOUS!

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June 19, 2008

Well everyone, there looks to be many copycat sites about Maria Ozawa popping up all over the net, most of them copy their ideas and designs, and pictures all from this site, so beware of those cowardly copy sites that rip all the content from here!!! And remember to BOOKMARK THIS SITE, since this is the original Maria Ozawa dedication website ;)

June 15, 2008


Maria Ozawa and her sexy cute friend are totally naked and having fun, making cute funny faces and all the while both sets of big perfect tits are exposed aswell as their japanese av models bushy pussy hairs, dwindling in the wind. They’re showing their absolute cuteness here! So fucking HOT!

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June 3, 2008

Maria Ozawa is getting buck naked and kissing with another japanese guy, he’s sucking her sweet tits, her hair is done up beautifully as always she is looking stunning and eye candy. She eventually sucks his dick, sucking a great blowjob and taking a cum load into her mouth, and then spitting the cum out into her hands. She is so perfect and these Maria Ozawa vids are so fucking sexy, Maria Ozawa = to die for!


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May 23, 2008


I just wanked myself 3 consecutive times to 3 different Maria Ozawa vids hehe, pulled a hat trick!! She’s still got and I couldnt imagine her ever being unsexy. I just love when she’s getting fucked and her tits are flopping up and down, that shit gets the cum oozing out of my little wiener!

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