June 10, 2007


Once again, here is Maria Ozawa totally naked, and totally sexy in this hardcore vidcaps series. These pics / vidcaps were taken from her recent move “Temptations”. She is buck naked, wearing only sexy black stockings, getting fingered and fondled, sucking dick, and getting fucked every which way, doggystyle, missionary, the works!!! This is totally hot, you could only imagine how great of a fuck Maria Ozawa would be!!! Enjoy!!!

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  • don’t you think she’s “too pretty for porn”? her recent releases have her doing more hardcore stuff, gangbanged and raped. i’m not into that stuff, but she is one nasty girl!

  • Soma, i agree, she IS too sexy, too beautiful, too pretty, etc, for porno, she does all kinds of shit, has like 5 guys masturbating on her face, getting triple teamed, just some crazy shit, I would’ve NEVER thought she’d be doing all that, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed at 1st when I heard she was doing it all, but she choose’s, sucks but true.

  • A girl that young with looks like that deserves more, don’t you think?
    Maybe something more dignified like a fashion model, or cosmetics etc.

  • Dit me nhin maria xong chi muon dit tung lon maria.Sao lon maria ngon the nhi.uoc gi minh duoc dit. maria hang ngay.

  • hi ..maria im gonna fuck your pussy!

  • ya..i agread with u guys..she is too pretty 4 porn..she deserves more than that..im sooooo dissapointed..=[..

  • she is either as stupid as she is beautiful, or she is paid millions of dollars. otherwise, i really don’t understand why a perfectly pretty girl like her would let herself be humiliated like this.

  • Hi…Miyabi i love u , i want sex for u

  • I really like you maria…will you be my girlfriend?

  • maria i want you to fuck with me please

  • i want you to fuck and lick my penis i want your vagina and your big breast.i want fuck you everyday

  • She is a Gorgeous Angel from Hell….that’s it. I would pay u, Maria to leave the porn business….shame!


  • why,on this web the pussy of miyabi isn’t published????

  • I want to kick the collar wearing guys ass in the photo…

    She gets paid 8000 dollars a month which is hard to let go of.
    It’s sad that she’s getting into the really hardcore stuff, I wish she’d just stick with the soft stuff.

  • i bet she’d make the same amount of money if she was doing descent modelling or acting. it kinda hurts to see that kinda girl waste her life away like that….

  • i’m really really disapionted in these photos i was more turned off
    i think she is better modeling soloshe’s really gorgeous and i think it’s all come to a waste once she does porn when i see these photos i dont see the beauty in her anymore

  • what a sexy girl fucking with ugly man

  • In my life, just one on MY DREAM……… can FUCK with MARIA OZAWA…..???????? oh maria can you dream come true with me.

  • hot girl baby

  • Give her a break , puritans!

    She is lovely and filthy– nothing wrong with that.

    I love to wank over her.

  • mind your own business guys!!! maria gotta earned a living!! if she is not into porn we wouldn’t be seeing her beautiful body & the way she fuck!! wonderful!

  • haha, rocky, i totally agree!!!!

  • Too pretty? WTF?

    Wouldn’t stop me sticking it in her ass.

  • hay maria yes no ngentot yuk

  • She’s so hot

  • i think, she’s gonna be a hot porn actress for next, maybe more than asia carrera, who care she’d be a nice girl or not, keep on moving maria, i support u, your parent will be the most happy one’s on this universe, they’ll never thought that u are really being born, who care about sin, faith etc, let’s fuck up every day…, ilove your act

  • yes why!!!!!!!shes too beauty for porn!!!!!!!
    i cant belive ,,,,,she has a natural faces good to b a nice gal,,
    whats da unbeliaveable noncense maria doing,,,
    i dunt agree u maria!!!i dunt like u!!!!!!!!
    if u were a misss universe i sure u r the most beauty in da world!!!!!!!

  • maria l want you to maried with me you so hot & prety

  • pls , come to indonesia .
    because i need you .

  • She is the Porn Goddess of all Goddess. A perfect human being. I would do anything to make love with you my Lovely Miss Maria Ozawa. I dont know what to say anymore… coz i already cum 7 times masturbating watching your pics and videos… I WISH I CAN MAKE LOVE WITH YOU SOMEDAY. ohh!!! please make my dream come true…..

  • Maria its me and i just read all about you. Yes u should get out of the porn business, and get a new and better life. For money is not everything to life. There’s more to life then just money. Your so young and pretty why ruin your life doing what u do?

  • Maria Ozawa should go to Hollywood. Do a huge gb with at least 500 men airtight with lots of swapping so everyone gets a go. Only then will she be a GREAT pornstar.

  • Such a waste for this young beautiful girl doing this stupid AV stuff. She would earn more for living by being a fashion model or actress (NOT porn actress). What a shame! What a pity! Just 8000 bucks per month. I bet u would earn more by being a fashion model plus gotta wear expensive branded clothes, have ur ‘dignity’, flirt around with those hot hollywood guys or even get married wif wealthy man if ur lucky, live in glam limelights, u could earn more. Mayb our fren was right, u r just too stupid!!!

  • hi,miyabi..lets make fun with sex.i do like u

  • shes really pretty, but thats her choice this is a free world. anyway her pretty face is tottaly different from her badly damges vagina, itis so wide already and perhaps even 12 inch cock can enter without any feeling at all.importnat is maria seems happy being fucked and screwed like animal

  • OMG.maria………………………………………..
    i hope u can stay here with me
    i wanna make a love every our if u r my geisha.
    come to indonesia,i miss u

  • Maria is maria she choose to live like that if not you guys will. Never visit this blog or event know her name relax watch and enjoy it

  • plz call me maria ozawa! 09394274379…

  • i want to fuck you maria..pls give me one shot.that’s my dream in life

  • what a beauty!
    i love u.

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